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2007-06-26 19:44:00

Rapattoni Facilitates Data Sharing for Two Southern California MLSs

Simi Valley, CA, June 26, 2007 – Utilizing Rapattoni MLS technology, the Internet Technology MLS (i-Tech) has begun to share listing information with the Multi-Regional Multiple Listing Service (MRMLS), the second largest regional MLS in California. The two Southern California MLSs will continue to operate independently. The data share between the MLSs began last month.

The i-Tech MLS serves the members of the Glendale Assn. of REALTORS® and the Pasadena-Foothills Assn. of REALTORS®. With this data share arrangement all of MRMLS’s listing data is now incorporated into i-Tech’s Rapattoni MLS system, allowing i-Tech members to search the entire listing database of both MLSs from within their MLS. In turn, MRMLS members have access to all of i-Tech’s listing data from their MRMLS web site. The data share programs, which have a RETS data sharing standard at their core, synchronize both databases every 30 minutes.

Rapattoni technology has been employed by several MLSs across the country to facilitate data sharing agreements. The software can accommodate a variety of data sharing solutions. The i-Tech-MRMLS data share is doubly unique in that it involves two different MLS vendors and two regional MLS databases.

Daniel Lanning, executive officer of the Glendale Assn. of REALTORS®, said, "Due to the large marketplace in Southern California, many of our brokers and agents have a clientele that stretches beyond traditional boundaries. Rapattoni accommodated our needs quickly, adding immeasurable value to our MLS services and greatly benefiting our membership."

"We have facilitated several noteworthy data sharing solutions for our California customers, each one with unique circumstances," said Andy Rapattoni, president and CEO. "We look forward to assisting many more successful partnerships like this in the future."

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