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2011-03-17 21:01:24

Quit “Micro Managing” Me!!!!


This past week I saw a video of John Stossel with a megaphone in front of congress yelling, “Stop Micro managing us”!

(He was referring to our National Government micro managing our lives)

That gave me a great idea for an article about our Real Estate industry and how it has evolved over the years and particularly in the last few years.

It wasn’t that long ago where a Realtor looked for the office in town that had the best phone service, the best copier, the best fax machine, and it wasn’t even that long ago when the Realtor started looking for an office that had a computer they could use.

Remember the old thermal paper fax machines!

Forgive me, I digress… Back in those days the Broker provided the Realtor with all the modern tools the Realtor needed in order to conduct their business. As a result the Broker charged the Realtor 50% of the commission that in some offices graduated during the year based on production to maybe 75% and then on January 1st would roll back to 50% again.

In those old “horse and buggy” days of our Real Estate industry the Broker was God! As a Realtor you did what the Broker wanted you to do. If he wanted you to report to the office one night to do a cold calling night, you had better show up. He may have even fed you pizza.

How many of you have had to sit in the Brokers office, and explain why you weren’t doing more business or what your goal was for the next year. I have referred to these Brokers as the “Nazi Broker”.

Don’t get me wrong that’s how it used to be done in our industry.

However times have changed. I don’t know of a single Realtor that doesn’t have a cell phone or smart phone, they probably own a PC and also a laptop, as well as printers and scanners. Even the fax machine is going the way of the typewriter.

So the day of the Broker being the omnipotent one is over. The Realtors no longer need the Broker or his office as much as the Broker needs the Realtors.

So Mr. or Mrs. Broker: Quit Micro managing us!

In the future the Broker or Real Estate companies that are going to lead this industry are the Brokers or companies that realize how important the Realtor is.

The Value Package has shifted. It’s no longer what we as a Broker or company can offer the Realtor, it’s what the Realtor can offer the Broker Or Company.

Even the training has shifted from the Broker in most cases. The Realtors are taking courses at the Board office’s, or are buying advanced training programs.

Our industry has gone through a paradigm shift in the last couple of years. The Realtors get it, they know they have the gold, however very few Brokers have yet to wake up and see what has changed on them overnight.

Whenever I write one of these articles, invariably I get two or three emails from Brokers that tell me their Realtors can’t survive without them. I want to tell them to get rid of the ego and get with the new reality.

So once again to the Brokers: Quit Micro Managing Us!!!


James A. Crumbaugh III is CEO of Allison James Estates and Homes a National Internet Based Real Estate brokerage.


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