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2007-05-03 13:07:00

Questions and Answers: Ask the RealTown Real Estate Experts

Q. Can you tell me how to get to the RealTalk posts directly from the Internet? When I log into RealTown, I get to this page which is "the online real estate community." How do I get to the page where the posts are? I have not been getting my RealTalk posts regularly, and I'm going through withdrawal; but unless I'm on my home computer where I can open a post, then click on the title, I can never find the web based posts. TIA

Ashley Rubel-EnglishWhen you are visiting there are a few ways to get to the RealTalk Community (or any other public RealTown Communities).

From the home page, you may select the "Community" tab.  From here you will see each of RealTown's Public and Private Communities listed with a brief description of each.  The title of each public community is a link directly to the community forum on  If you scroll down further on this page there will be a box for each of the three public communities containing recent editors picks.  The title of each community is a link to the home page for that community.  After each of the editors picks, there is a link that says: "Click here to read the full message", this is a link to that message as viewable on the website.  And finally, at the bottom of the box, there will be a link that reads "Click here to visit <Name of the Community>" which will lead you to that community home page.  In any event, the fastest way to get to RealTalk is by going directly to --Ashley Ruble-English, RealTown Customer Service

Q. If I want to start course work for my GRI, can I take courses in a state other than my own?

This is a "Yes, but" answer.  A student can take a GRI course in another state, but must confirm with the student's state REALTOR association that the course will count towards GRI credit in their state.

For example, if a student licensed in Illinois wants to take a GRI course offered by the Florida Assn. of REALTORS, the student should first contact the Illinois Assn. of REALTORS to confirm FAR GRI course will be accepted for credit for the IAR GRI.  -- John Reilly, e-PRO, SRS, Vice President of Publishing of Real Estate Electronic Publishing, home of RealTown. 

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