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2007-01-30 09:18:00

Q & A: Stemming the Tide of e-mail Spam

QUESTION:   I have had great results using my current e-mail address for about a year or so.  Of course I get junk mail here and there, but no big deal, right?  I recently started receiving mail with subjects such as failed, postmaster, delivery status notification, failure notice, undelivered mail,  etc..  They all come from various addresses,  and they are all addressed to my domain preceded by various letters.  All of these e-mails have attachments which I do not open, and I trash all of them. I had more than 40 of them just this morning.  I use eMailPLUS through Internet Crusade and I love it.  Any suggestions as to how to combat this sudden problem? -- Allen Robinson

Mike Barnett replies: The problem today is that SPAMMERS are much more educated about e-mail than the average e-mail user. 

SPAMMERS have learned how to deliver their e-mail (SPAM) under the radar of Internet Service Provicer (ISP) filters. So ISPs have two solutions: heavily filter inbound e-mail (which most do), or deliver it all and have the customer deal with it.

Our e-mail hosting customers want all their e-mail delivered. So what we do at Internet Crusade is run the exact same filters the ISPs do but we don't delete the email, instead, we tag the header of the message with the results of the tests the filters run and deliver the e-mail to our customer's inbox.

Another real issue is that most of those who have their own domain, have their e-mail address listed at the Registrar. Please note that your domain is the most public listing of your existence, so I would either consider having a "private domain" or using an e-mail address at the registrar like .

Now, compound the issue by the fact that many e-mail users have been trained to use the "unlimited e-mail addressing" feature where will be delivered to your inbox ..., and the SPAMMERS will have a field day and the end result is your SPAM is heavily compounded. I think the use of aliases instead of a "catch-all" account is a solution (I will explain further in detail in another post).

What is the solution? A product that allows you to work with the entire message (both at the envelope and content level) whereby you can identify the issues and manipulate as necessary.

IMO you need unlimited aliases, unlimited mailboxes, unlimited rules (both outbound and inbound)... The only product I know of that does all this for yu (in an affordable price) is eMailPLUS. That is what I use (and all the employees at my company)..

eMailPLUS is not the cause... It is the solution.

(Mike Barnett is vice-president of technology of Real Estate Electronic Publishing Company, home of RealTown.)

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