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2011-01-19 23:43:03

Prudential Florida Expands Global Market Presence with The International Realty

Prudential Florida Realty has partnered with to provide even greater global exposure for the marketing of the company's Florida properties. The International MLS provided by provides an international MLS (Multiple Listing Service) with over 100,000 properties in 35 countries. Prudential Florida Realty is the first brokerage in the United States to provide property listings company wide on this new global portal. In addition, Prudential Florida Realty will be adding an International Search section to the company's website through to be able to provide a truly global property search experience for any consumer looking to buy, sell, or invest in real estate worldwide.

The sophisticated technology platform of is a referral based system. Carefully selected real estate agencies worldwide post and update their listings and agree to a trusted business model where consumers will effectively and responsively be communicated with by real estate professionals on a timely basis.

"The International MLS allows real estate brokers from around the world to not only market their properties globally but also ensure that consumers are followed up with immediately by the person who knows the most about the properties or areas they are interested in purchasing," said CEO Dr. Daniel Nussbaum. "With The International MLS, all of the consumers are directed back to the agencies which have supplied the property listings on a fully automated basis, so it varies from the traditional MLS as commonly known. We partnered with Prudential Florida Realty as our first USA company because of their reputation, integrity and strength in the Florida real estate market. We know that demand from Europe and South America would help drive customers to their properties. As one of the premier real estate brokerages in the USA, we are confident that the customers will be very well represented by Prudential Florida Realty."

"It is our responsibility and commitment to our customers that we effectively market and promote our properties for sale and fairly and respectfully assist consumers looking to buy properties in Florida. By increasing our exposure globally through, we can reach buyers from anywhere. With its warm climate, exciting and diverse culture, plus infinite social activities, Florida is a desirable destination worldwide. With our complete "Family of Services", we can offer every buyer access to financing, insurance, and closing services therefore providing a true full service real estate experience. We look forward to our new partnership and the global opportunities it brings," said Rei L. Mesa, President and Chief Executive Officer, Prudential Florida Realty, Florida Real Estate Services.

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