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2010-05-28 16:55:24

Property Panorama Announces New President

Property Panorama, the real estate industry's leader in Virtual Tours (with over 50 MLS Partners and over 250,000 agents), is proud to announce the election of Mike Barnett to the position President.

This is a very exciting opportunity for me and I am humbled.” stated Mike Barnett. “Justin Furmage is a true genius and his patent pending technologies are untouchable. Property Panorama has raised the bar through their Virtual Tour offerings by utilizing the only server-side solution in the industry today.

In the time that Mike has been working with us in the capacity of CIO, his experience, wisdom, talents and guidance have propelled us forward by leaps and bounds” stated Justin Furmage, CEO and co-creator of Property Panorama. “Mike assisted us in examining and refining our Vision and Mission. We look forward to Mike presenting these to the industry and beyond as President of our company.

Outgoing President Scott Bliss who will maintain a seat on the board and an active role in Property Panorama states, "It continues to be exciting to be a part of the growth of Property Panorama. I take great pride in what we do and having helped lead us to the level that we have attained. At this point, Mike brings a great combination of industry relationships and management experience to lead Property Panorama. When we brought Mike in as CIO it became immediately apparent that he could engage himself in every aspect of our business and proved to be an extraordinary asset. There is no doubt Mike is the ideal person to deliver our message as President, and I look forward to continuing to contribute with Mike at the helm."

Ken Baris, President of Jordan Baris, Inc. Realtors in Northern New Jersey, (one of the top brokerages in North America) and Property Panorama Board member states, “I have known Mike for almost 20 years. Mike has been a magnet for success in combining technology with brokerage while maintaining his uncommon common sense and vast relationships throughout the industry. Mike is approaching his position like a chess player and has plotted our strategy many moves in advance."

Mike also states, “we have redefined and developed a totally new direction for our marketing and products and our team will be rolling them out over the next 60-90 days. I am sure the program will be well received by our industry, especially our newest product offering, 'Free SlideShow Virtual Tours' for all MLSs and Associations that want to do business with us."

Mike was instrumental in the creation of ePRO the online technology certification program of the National Association of REALTORS®, and he has been an active contributor to the ePRO community since InternetCrusade was awarded the contract in 2001. Mike was also one of the founders of RealTown. Prior to ePRO, Mike was a key industry spokesperson for InternetCrusade, spreading the use and benefits of technology to, at the time, a frequently skeptical REALTOR® audience.” said Saul Klein, CEO of Point2 Technologies. “Give him a job and he will get it done. It is that “can do” attitude that will make Mike a valuable asset to Property Panorama. Congratulations to Property Panorama and to Mike.

Mike can be reached at 

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