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2007-06-19 15:24:00

Preserving History One Building at a Time

Across America, historic cities are working hard to revitalize old buildings into real estate that contributes to both economic growth and adds to the city's unique charm and sense of community. This preservation effort is flourishing at a time when the trend is to be "green" -- to reuse, renew, recycle -- even buildings. New construction and over-development of land receives a lot of scrutiny with many hurdles to jump before breaking ground. Hagerstown, Maryland is soon to be one of the up-and-coming historic cities as it continues to protect the many buildings that are carved into Maryland history while redeveloping them in ways that are meeting needs.

The Hagerstown Preservation Design District Commission recognized the work of TBS Investments, LLC and the Darby Condominium for their conversion of the former Antietam Street School into a residential condominium complex. The project is an outstanding residential preservation project, demonstrating the character and value of large institutional buildings for adaptive reuse. It contributes to the revitalization of the downtown area by offering a quality alternative home-ownership opportunity within walking distance of the downtown area.

Robert W. Hershey, Chairman of Hagerstown Preservation Design District Commission, and Robert E. Bruchey, II, Mayor of the City of Hagerstown, presented Tom Plant, President of TBS Investments, LLC, with the 2007 Preservation Award.

"It was an honor to be recognized for our work of maintaining the charm and authenticity of an original building that brings to life our vision and goals of creating valuable use of existing buildings for the needs of the community today," says Tom Plant. Darby Condominiums is committed to investment, affordable pricing, quality, charm, safety, and accessibility to all the city has to offer. They are located minutes from the University of Maryland, The Maryland Theater, City Hall, the Hagerstown Suns Stadium, and the main shopping and dining areas.

Darby Condominiums renovated the existing 100-year-old school with integrity and appeal. Where school children once roamed the halls from class to class, now a new generation is calling it home. One part of the old school house was left virtually untouched with the signatures of former students dating back to the early 1900s. The building lent itself to some very unique features -- 10-foot finished ceilings, wide corridors, and a historical story. There are 27 one- and two-bedroom condos in the building, one-bedrooms selling for $132,900 and two-bedrooms selling for about $152,900.

TBS Investments, LLC is seeking additional properties that meet their own development criteria. The company believes in preserving America's history, protecting our land and resources, and helping to create economic value and revitalization to historic downtown areas. They continue to seek investment opportunities that are the right fit for their company and the community.

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