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2007-09-07 17:50:00

Popular Coach Patti Schedules Annual 'Jump Start' Workshop

Chatsworth, CA  – Accelerated Performance Coaching Company (APCC) announced that it will be holding its annual Jump Start workshop in Woodland Hills, CA, Nov. 8 - 11, 2007.  Each year real estate agents from all over the nation and Canada meet for a three-day retreat to learn new techniques and create strategic goals with Master Coach Patti Kouri, owner/founder of APCC and developer of “Jump Start Your Business” workshop. 

Coach Patti and her associates assist participants of the annual workshop to break through self-made limitations.  The workshop is comprised of transformational exercises, personal learning modules, small-group activities and life-actualizing tasks.  

Bill O’Brien, a yearly participant of the workshop stated, “The energy, synergy, and selflessness of the participants are unlike anything I have ever experienced.  Each year I come away with clarity and focus for what I want to do the following year, as well as a specific plan on how to do it.  Coach Patti's guidance and leadership is unparalleled.”

Patti Kouri, founder and owner of APCC states:  "The annual Jump Start workshop attendees come away having broken through what stops them from attaining peak performance and from having life balance. They are motivated, focused, energized with a plan ready to hit the road running toward productivity and profit. ”

Patti Kouri, GRI, is a professional coach and a graduate of Coach University and the Coach Training Institute. Following a successful real estate sales career, she has focused on life success coaching for nearly ten years, working with thousands of real estate professionals throughout the United States and Canada. She is a frequent speaker on a variety of topics related to business success, making presentations for large groups of 700 or more, and regularly conducts her very successful Jump-Start Workshop.

Coach Patti and her associates provide real estate coaching and life coaching.  Coaching is a relatively new profession and because real estate coaching works, hundreds of thousands of realtors have used a real estate coach to accomplish their spectacular goals. APCC was designed to help agents discover real estate coaching (and any form of life coaching) and to make sure clients actually achieve desired goals on their own terms. A coach helps clients focus their energy to produce better results faster. Coach Patti shared, "I use practical, sensible tools to assist individuals and groups in achieving greater personal and professional success."

If you would like to attend the annual Jump Start Workshop 2007,  you can learn more about it and other services offered by Accelerated Performance Coaching at the APCC web site at, or call Coach Patti at (818) 341-9751.

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