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2007-12-20 19:18:00

Point2 Announces Executive Resignations, New Leadership

Saskatoon, SK and Vancouver, BC – Point2 Technologies Inc. (“Point2”) announced the resignation of members of its team last week, including real estate division Chief Operating Officer, Brendan King, for personal reasons and differences pertaining to Point2’s operations and direction. Chester Hagen, heavy equipment division Chief Operating Officer, Jason Collins, Chief Technology Officer, Jeff Tomlin, Vice President of Strategy and Business Development, Greg Miller, Vice President of Marketing and, Allan Wolinski, Client Relations Manager for Point2’s real estate division, also tendered in their resignations.
Senior Point2 team members have now been appointed to assume new responsibilities, reporting directly to Point2 President, Barry Willick who has effectively assumed the responsibilities of the departing COOs. Recently promoted executives will work together with key departing officials during their respective notice periods, to ensure a smooth transition.
“It’s always hard to see Point2 team members move on, and more so when it is a group of senior staff, even though the core of Point2 maintains a very solid bench of veteran and senior managers,” said Willick. “While many organizations at some point face such departures, this occurrence at Point2 is unfortunate for all our staff, as Point2 staff members are like family.”
“Our customers both in real estate and heavy equipment should expect the leadership and investment in technology innovation they are accustomed to seeing from Point2, to continue to forge ahead,” added Willick. “All our business, technology systems and operational functions remain on course. Be it maintaining leadership in our real estate listing syndication strategy and market position, adding functionality to our website solution, boosting our predictive marketing technologies, or sustaining unparalleled online marketplaces and dealer networks in our heavy equipment division, we intend to continue to invest in our growth and in new technologies, to maintain the edge our solutions extend to our customers around the world.”
“While such executive departures would present magnificent challenges to any organization, including ours, Point2’s solid core of experienced long time and senior managers across our business divisions have already taken this to task and are well positioned to drive forward with the same passion for serving our customers with some of the industry’s most advanced solutions. Where we must recruit to fill new positions over the coming months, we will as always aggressively pursue the best talent we can attract,” concluded Willick.

New Management

Linda Jame, Manager, Broker Division for Point2’s real estate business has now assumed additional responsibility as Director of Enterprise Solutions. Linda brings to Point2 customers and business partners seven years of experience with the Company, and is one of the early participants in Point2’s entry into the real estate marketplace. Linda holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Saskatchewan.
Carey Tufts has been promoted to the position of Director of Marketing. Carey brings to bear three years of experience in the Company’s marketing department, with solid knowledge of the issues facing the real estate profession today. Tufts holds a Masters degree in English, from the University of Saskatchewan. Tufts and Jame will take a leading role in driving the Company’s business development efforts in real estate, reporting to the Company President.
Adnan Fida
is now Director of Syndication. He has been with Point2 since 2000, most recently working with Point2’s real estate business partners on the Company’s Point2 NLS (National Listing Service) listing syndication feed program and implementations, and on key business development and initiatives, alongside Tomlin. Fida has been instrumental to Point2’s technology development efforts over the years. He brings his technical and business backgrounds to bear, bolstering the capabilities of the new business development team. Fida holds Bachelor of Science degrees from the University of Saskatchewan and the University of Punjab.
Zach Scott
has been promoted to Director of Systems Development, assuming Point2’s technology development leadership position across the corporation. Scott brings 12 years of technology and software development experience to Point2, including ten years as a senior level technical consultant. During his career, Scott co-founded two technology companies including Calgary-based Cambrian House, where he most recently held the position of Chief Technology Officer and sat on the company’s Board of Directors until joining Point2 in June of 2007.
Business Analyst James Townley has been promoted to the position of Director of Product Development,with John Fothergill also departing last week. Townley created his first real estate website in 1995 and has been involved in the real estate software industry since 2001.
Jennifer Anderson
, a five year Point2 veteran now takes over the lead role for the Company’s real estate support function, as Customer Service Manager. Most recently, Anderson served as Customer Service Team Leader. While on maternity leave, effective the third week of December, Anderson’s role will be managed by long time Point2 team member and former Manager, Broker Division, Jacquelyn Gyug.
Joel Loewen has assumed the lead position for Point2’s Systems department, for John Levesque, Manager, Systems Administration. Loewen holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of British Columbia and a diploma from the Information Technology Professional Post Graduate Program of the British Columbia Institute of Technology.
About Point2 Technologies Inc.
Point2 Technologies provides online marketing and eBusiness software solutions for the real estate and heavy equipment industries. Leveraging Point2 proprietary and patented technology, Point2 develops and markets software solutions that enable organizations to conduct business over the Internet more easily and more profitably. The Company is the largest provider of online marketing and lead management software for real estate professionals, with nearly 165,000 brokers and agents subscribing to Point2 NLS, in 85 countries. Membership in Point2 NLS continues to grow by over 1000 additional members each week. Point2 is also one of the largest providers of e-commerce solutions to the heavy equipment industry, powers Caterpillar Inc.’s global heavy equipment dealer network and owns and operates, one of the largest used equipment venues online.
Founded in 1996, Point2 Technologies is privately held and employs a staff of 100 at its headquarters in Saskatoon, SK and its Vancouver, BC offices. More information can be obtained at
Point2® is a trademark of Point2 Technologies Inc. All other company and product names may be trademarks of the respective companies with which they are associated.

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