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2011-09-08 21:35:48

Photo & Video Resources for the Creative Agent



There’s some huge advantages for real estate agents who possess the technical prowess required for photo and video production. Sellers love to know that high quality visuals are being used to attract buyers, and having the reputation of being the agent who creates notable marketing material never hurts.

Graduating from beginner to pro takes a lot of time and patience, but it’s truly never been easier to get busy at getting good.

The main advantage nowadays is that with a single instrument you can create both high-quality photo and video. No need to dump money into both fields as most new DSLRs are now equipped with HD video and photo resolution that handles pretty much any job.

If you’ve decided to go out and purchase a new camera and are looking for ways to develop your skills, there are countless resources on the web. Online training doesn’t need to cost a thing, and the pool of informative resources continues to grow by the minute. Here’s a list of just a few of the great places to start learning:

Vimeo Video School
Vimeo is no longer just YouTube’s classy little brother, they’ve began compiling and sorting training videos for the videographer in all of us. The lessons range from absolute beginner to pro, so there’s something for everyone. It’s growing constantly, and worth a look. Go to Vimeo Video School.

VimeoVS Photo & Video Resources for the Creative Agent

Adorama TV
What a stellar collection of videos here for photographers looking to learn. Adorama has seriously outdone themselves producing this epic pile of awesomeness. New episodes come out regularly, so keep checking back. Go to Adorama TV.

Adorama Photo & Video Resources for the Creative Agent

Photography for Real Estate
PFRE surfaces a ton of valuable information for real estate agents who are looking to up the ante of their photo and video creation. This blog has been running for a long time, and it’s difficult to search for information that hasn’t already been discussed. Go to PFRE Blog.

PFRE Photo & Video Resources for the Creative Agent

Pop Photo
Slightly more on the advanced side, Pop Photo has created a worthwhile “How To” section for photographers looking to gain an edge in their productions. Pop Photo is not real estate focused, but there are numerous tips and tricks that will assist in any genre. Go to Pop Photo’s “How To”.

POPphoto Photo & Video Resources for the Creative Agent

Video for Real Estate
These guys seem to be riding on the wake of success of the PFRE blog mentioned above. Although there’s plenty of room to grow, VFRE has begun to compile a strong body of content designed to educate and encourage. The bonus here is that they are real estate focused, so the techniques discussed are completely relevant. Go to VFRE.

VFRE Photo & Video Resources for the Creative Agent

There’s plenty more out there, and if you have any great resources to add, feel free to leave them in the comments area below. Happy Shooting!

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