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2011-08-05 21:43:30

Pelican Bay Naples Florida

Pelican Bay CondosConsider well Pelican Bay Naples' reputation as Southwest Florida's cultural epicenter. Wealthy Neapolitans support virtually every art form with a flourish. Educated elegance is the way of life here.

From felicitous boulevard medians to high-style metropolitan symphonies, you know you've arrived. Celebrated performers, award-winning Broadway shows, children's theatre, renown American dance troupes and international ballet companies are among those who seek Naples as a winter destination. CEOs, Hollywood stars, name artists and famous authors accent this intriguing milieux, owning second and third homes here.

Behind the scenes, Pelican Bay Naples hums with a sense of community pride. People feel blessed to be here. They return the favor by donating thousands of hours in community programs.

The Pelican Bay Philharmonic Center is one of their creations of the past decade. Classy revitalized downtown shopping districts draw thousands of visitors to upscale restaurants, world-class galleries and boutiques.

Charity galas portend good news for multiple causes, including an all-purpose community shelter. Neapolitans measure value in terms of quality of life. National speakers share their insights in public forums. Libraries host local experts in the arts and sciences. Special events crowd calendars in glossy regional lifestyle magazines.

The Naples Daily News routinely wins state and national recognition for its reporting. Every amenity imaginable reigns supreme.

Architecture treats the eye. Retirees and entrepreneurs discovered Naples in the 1950s, but building took off in the 1960s. All of it is fresh and well-cared for.

To the west, working families enjoy the privileges and affordable, homey style of Golden Gate Estates. How can Neapolitans be so fortunate? We have the azure waters and sugary beaches of the Gulf of Mexico on one side. And the emerald wilderness of the vast Everglades on the other. Half a dozen amazing state parks and preserves border the 50-square-mile Everglades National Park, the renown River of Grass that descends from Lake Okeechobee south to our land of 10,000 Islands.

Did we mention that dozens of private, public and community golf courses in and around Naples make Southwest Florida the "Golf Capital of the World"?

Ahhh, then there's the homes. Stylish seaside cottages, such as those in Pelican Bay homes, the mega-million dollar mansions and everything in-between.

We have it all. Won't you come join us?

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