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2010-10-11 23:09:42

1ParkPlace: It’s Time to Dominate the Your Market

When business is bad, you can’t wait to make changes. You have to quickly identify and correct the problem. Is your problem in your farming, communications, or business plan?  
To find the answer, you have to look under the hood - take your business apart and examine it piece by piece. Then, you must replace the bad parts for good parts that will get you where you want to go.
Steve Hundley, CEO of 1ParkPlace says you need the right team, process and system to take back your market.
“My passion is starting a movement that helps our industry take back their markets again,” says Steve Hundley. “You’re battling low consumer confidence, negative media, and misinformation that’s doing more harm to your market than any dip in the economy ever could.”
Hundley says you should be the go-to source for your local market, not the talking heads. He personally designed a new hyper-local farming system to help you reconnect with your community.
All you need is an educational pit-stop - the 2010 Real Estate Market Domination Summit.
It’s a virtual summit via simulcast that will take you down a unique assembly line of strategic learning modules - over 40 classes and workshops designed to help you build a dream ride of a business.
When you need a tune up, simply review learning sessions with your on-demand replay. You’ll have checklists, planning templates, and blueprint guides to help you specifically target the market you want to dominate, whether you are a broker, agent, or sales support staff.  
Sponsored by RisMedia, the Market Domination Summit starts November 30 through December 2, 2010. Think of it as a hyper-local marketing and planning assembly line of information for brokers, agents, assistants, and marketing directors. Each module will be taught by the leading executives in their fields, including Allan Dalton and Tom Ferry, among other experts. At the end, your business engine will rev like a six-figure sports car. 
But don’t expect ordinary break-out sessions. You’ll receive the following analytics and support in a coordinated hand-off from our experts:  
  1. Define your purpose. Are you a broker/manager, agent, or marketing director? There is even a track for virtual and executive assistants.
  2. Define your farm – geographic or industry or both. Do you want to market a geographic neighborhood, or a track like REOs, short sales or luxury homes? 
  3. Define your level of service – how much help would you like? Do-it-yourself or turnkey services?
  4. Determine your media-buying needs – how much should you pay for ad words, SEO, or direct mail services? Do you need a website or a blog?
  5. Determine what’s working, what’s broken – do you need resources, outsources or better training for your insources?
From there, you’ll push the button and watch the system you designed go to work for you. Execution, oversight, and reassessment education will help you stay on budget and on target through tangible, trackable results. 
 “Consumers are much smarter, so your marketing system has to be smarter, too,” explains Hundley. “From mapping neighborhoods to predictive moving technology, we can give you the tools you need to farm 100 homes to hundreds of communities.”  
 “The time to fix what’s wrong is now,” urges Hundley. “We’ve made this opportunity as affordable as possible, so you can have the resources you need to farm and dominate your target market.”  
So Realtors, start your engines. Get on the fast track. Dominate your market.
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