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2010-07-24 23:37:55

Open Scoure Real Estate WebSites

Over the last few months we have been receiving hundreds of calls asking about our new IDX open source platform. Many of you might wonder what open source is and how it can help your web presence. To understand open source, you must first understand proprietary systems. Proprietary idx systems are those that are packaged as a turnkey solution. They are very similar to each other in functionality and customization is extremely limited. In addition, agents have to wait for new functionality to be released and branding is almost impossible due to that fact that most of these systems are identical.

Welcome to the world of open source! Joomla, Wordpress, and Drupal are taking over the web. Years ago, a web ecommerce application would have cost a business owner over $10,000. Today, with the advent of open source, a user can have a full running ecommerce store that resembles Ebay for under $2,000. On top of that, the support and plug-ins for these systems is wide spread. How can this be possible? Open source enables developers to build on a structure that is scalable for any business. Currently there are over 30 high end developed e commerce components for Joomla, Wordpress and Drupal. Open source is misunderstood by many and few understand the great benefits that can be achieved by using these incredible CMS systems.

Galtlinedesign is a web development company located in Orange County, California. We have built one of the first supported IDX -RETS real estate web applications available on the market. An agent or broker can have a turnkey open source idx solution that can be flexible and scalable to meet any market conditions. And it won’t break the bank!



Benefits of an open source idx:

1.)  Customize Customize Customize – Do you want to build a unique idx or do you have some of your own ideas? Then open source is your friend. Anything can be built into an open source idx solution. In fact, we guarantee that any feature can be built into your web site. REO, short sale, recently reduced properties, and live video integration are just a few custom features we have built for our clients.

2.) Choose from literally thousands of free and paid plug-ins on the market. Need a full blown CRM system?. How about integrating Sales Force or Sugar CRM into your idx system? The possibilities are endless and the plugins and components are never ending. In fact, most of our clients’ needs can be archived by a plug in that is already built. What does that mean to you as a client? No more nickel and dime development fees. Why reinvent the wheel when its already available for download?

3.) SEO Killers – All of our idx systems are built with indexable properties. NO IFRAMES

4.) Be unique and offer the services that are driving traffic. Don’t wait for your idx provider to roll out new functionality when you can offer them now to your clients.

5.) SMS, Tracking, CMS, CRM, API Integration – Zillow, Altos, Walkscore, Save Search, Save Favorites, Best Buy Integration, Featured Properties, Logic Panel, REO, Short Sale, foreclosure, Expired Lists. Don’t settle for just any idx. Build on the open source idx solution.


If you are an agent or broker and you are thinking of building an online presence, its time that you give open source a serious look. Thousands of corporations around the globe are using open source to power their companies, shouldn’t you be using the same tools?

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