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2012-03-22 14:07:44

New Real Estate Marketing Hook Uses Interior Design. Helps Homeless

A unique but exceptionally effective Real Estate marketing synergy has emerged among the Realty and Interior Design industries and it’s rapidly enhancing the success of Real Estate marketing across the United is enabling Realtors and Mortgage Brokers to gift free interior design services in order to attract potential home buyers and deliver unexpected value.

Inspired by companies like Tom’s Shoes which donates one pair of shoes to needy children for every pair sold, HMDgives creates a similarly generous dynamic among home buyers. When working with an HMDgives Real Estate partner a home buyer receives the gift of free interior design for any one room ensuring maximum beauty and value is derived from life’s largest investment. Should they purchase more rooms or ongoing consultation 15% of subsequent interior design fees go directly to organizations benefiting the homeless and those at risk of becoming homeless.

Boston Real Estate Broker Michelle Villari offers free interior design services as an unexpected gift to home buying clients. "I go above and beyond for my clients and that level of service doesn't stop at closing. Being able to offer free interior design services is a great way for my clients to immediately add equity value to their new home.”

Scottsdale AZ based Mortgage Lender Sean Wohland of Amerifirst Financial says of his firm’s HMDgives campaign, “it’s a completely unique proposition in the marketplace, which means it catches the eye of potential home buyers.” Sean’s multi-state mortgage company offers free interior design with every rate quote throughout much of the Western US.

Downtown at 91 Franklin Street in Boston’s financial district Residential Mortgage Services is handing out gift certificates for free interior design at their new Boston headquarters location. Ravi Pahuja Sr. Mortgage Banker with RMS says “anyone can call, email or drop by 91 Franklin Street for a rate quote on a new home loan or mortgage refinance and receive a gift certificate for free interior design services. Our clients receive the lowest available mortgage rates plus free interior design.”

There’s no cost and no obligation for Realtors, Mortgage Lenders and several types of Realty oriented service providers to gift free interior design services to prospects and clients. HMDgives is one of those extremely rare propositions in the marketplace where everybody wins.

Amanda Zettel CID is founder and Principal Interior Designer for HMD, one of America’s largest and most prolific residential interior design firms. Amanda describes as “a deliberate effort to pursue new clients in a way that positively impacts the communities we serve. We aspire to be an interior design firm that creates value above and beyond our outstanding products and services.”

By all measures, the approach is working. Homemade Design has welcomed hundreds of new clients across 42 states in 2012 without paying a single penny on traditional advertising, instead choosing to disperse advertising dollars in the form of in-kind donations and loss leader promotions that are effectively investments in the lifetime value of a client. is seeking exclusive Real Estate industry partners in major markets all across the US. There’s no cost or obligation and HMDgives makes it extremely easy to give the gift of free interior design. It’s even easier to raise funds that assist homeless adults, children and especially veterans and their families who need support to get through tough times.

About is a national network of Real Estate and Interior Design professionals who gift interior design services to home buyers in order to assist the homeless. HMDgives is sponsored entirely by Homemade Design Corporation (HMD), one of America’s leading national residential interior design firms. For more information visit and

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