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2009-10-09 18:00:06

New Program To Help REALTORS Reach Buyers in Challenging Market


Fewer REALTORS and a slow uptick of buyers creates a marketing opportunity for REALTORS serious about building a brand and becoming or staying the REALTOR of choice in their neighborhoods, communities and small towns.
"Even though most buyers begin their search for a home on the Internet, it does not stop there", says Don Eagle, Founder of and and
"Since consumers are now educated and using the Internet for research it does not mean they will choose a real estate agent based on the agent having a real estate website",  Eagle pointed out. 

“After all, since nearly every REALTOR has a website that does not translate to a buyer that they have found the most knowledgeable agent they can entrust their buying decision to. A true professional that wants to brand themselves as the Neighborhood Expert needs much more."

Since 2001 My Online Neighborhood, Inc. has been bringing Neighborhood Web Centers to thousands of neighborhoods, communities and small towns across America. Since day one, they have chosen one REALTOR to represent each community giving that one real estate professional a complete marketing and farming program for much less than monthly mailings, bench advertising, real estate magazines and the other assorted methods that other REALTORS have been forced to endure for ages to reach an entire community. 
In response to the difficulty that committed REALTORS face today, My Online Neighborood has brought a shared opportunity for a select group to share in being branded and marketed as The Neighborhood Real Estate Expert for just $69 a month. Now at a time that REALTORS need more than ever to reach buyers and sellers in their community, they can for less than anything else available in the marketplace. 
"Of course, if one REALTOR wishes to be the exclusive REALTOR for their community, that opportunity still exists if their neighborhood is still available", said Diane Eagle, Co-Founder. "We just wanted to open up the opportunity to everyone at a time they need it the most", she said.  
In addition to opportunities afforded real estate professionals, My Online Neighborhood, Inc. has announced a program to appoint one community minded person, business, civic club or organization to manage the Neighborhood Web Center as The Neighborhood Ambassador. 
Details can be found at
For further information contact:
Don Eagle

1-800-470-8730 x116

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