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2007-09-06 07:02:00

New for Real Estate Agents: A Free Booklet on Real Estate Blogging

Click here to download "The Real Estate Blog Alphabet."The number of real estate blogs has increased exponentially in the last five years. This means that the individual agent who uses a real estate blog must work harder to distinguish that blog from others within the same market area. A real estate marketing company recently published a free e-book that shows agents how to do exactly that.

The "Real Estate Blog Alphabet," as it's called, began as a series of posts on the popular real estate marketing blog of Brandon Cornett, owner of The blog series quickly expanded, became popular among real estate agents, and evolved into an e-book format for easy reading. The price tag -- free.

Author Brandon Cornett explained his motivations for creating the blog series and the e-book that goes with it:

"I created the alphabet to compile what I feel are the 26 most important benefits and best practices of using a real estate blog for marketing purposes. After finishing all of the A-through-Z entries, I wanted to make the information more accessible to agents, so I converted the blog series into a free e-book."

The Real Estate Blog Alphabet offers one blogging tip for each letter of the alphabet, hence the title, and also provides a list of blogging resources at the end of the book.

Here is an excerpt for the 'W' entry:

W is for Wisdom

Everyone knows that real estate is a knowledge-based industry. You are not selling products. You are selling your professional insight and experience, which has the potential to help your clients buy or sell their home effectively. You are marketing your knowledge of the market, your access to listings, and other intangible items. You can use your real estate blog to demonstrate your professional wisdom in a number of ways. Here are a few ideas...

About the Book and Author

Brandon Cornett is a real estate marketing specialist and veteran blogger. He is also the founder of the real estate marketing website, which has been educating real estate agents since 2004. Brandon also provides Internet marketing services to real estate agents who wish to capture more business from the Web.

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