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w scheme design, evening dresses looking at to show Shen.Say:"Hear to show Shen to is three year agos a catcher of inebriate spring building,evening dresses know at that time a head of inebriating the spring building card'sweet son'of trace." Showed Shen to see an up of gold leaf, then slightly a deliberation then say:"This female it is said that before I take up to inebriate spring building, suddenly a night of is missing a trace.What should one do also no man understands,evening dress "her thought also streams into Tang Yi's brain at the same time, " alas,cheap evening dresses regrettable this wench.Just the color double is unique, just be suddenly missing and seem to have never once appeared here, wedding dresses is really oddness,prom dresses " Tang Yi immediately and then feels heart in drive what block up similar, a sorrow of difficult speech hurtles at heart.The station is started, one step one step of leave here. "How can and so?Exactly took place what matter?How can a night of is missing,cocktail dresses , ,evening dresses "Tang Yi shake, "can't of,dresses can't have an accident of, " Tang Yi falls to bump of return to ancestral temple of clan, sit on the chair of yard, foolish foolishly lower the head language not.Various each kind may back and forth curl up in the at heart and hate and leaves to hate just in Tang Yi Xin in nowadays.The title looking at the circle of sky for month, ", , " one roars loud in the yard to once in a very long while resound. The little lotus is foolish to foolishly looking at at present Tang Yi, the blue vein of Tang Yi Lian at this time often summons up, unspeakable and ferocious.One is cruelty and ruthlessly oppressive to curl up in Tang Yi Shen's side.Tang Yi's between the eyebrows put~to death for a sky at this time, bottle gourd inside, a very thick black spirit vacillating uncertain, in have a voice is shouting:"Hate, hatred, ha ha ha, do the matter that you want to do, , " "Stand dry over there what, take wine, " Tang Yi lifts up head to foolish the little lotus standing say.The little lotus hopes Tang Yi and all over beat to cringe.Tang Y

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