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2008-11-14 00:39:45

NAREE Names Best Real Estate Books Of The Year


The National Association of Real Estate Editors (NAREE) has named  the 2008 winners of the Robert Bruss Real Estate Book Awards, recognizing excellence in recently published works.

Generational Housing: Myth or Mastery has been selected as the 2008 winner of the First Time Author National Association of Real Estate Editors (NAREE) Robert Bruss Book Award.
RealTown Featured Author Carmen Multhauf and her researcher husband, Lloyd Multhauf Ph.D, have written an informative and interesting book on how generational differences affect housing and finance in the United States. The recent election cycle has pointed to the generational shift that will affect our political and economic life. This shift is a major element of the real estate market.
Generational Housing: Myth or Mastery focuses on the personality of each of five generations of the last century: Millennials, an emerging market buying real estate earlier than any generation that has gone before; Generation X, the most active buyers today; Boomers, upscale buyers, having purchased vacation homes and investment property but whose portfolios and retirement plans are impacted by the economic crisis; Silents, a high percentage owning homes with large equity; and the G.I. Generation, the original seniors, many now lost to us.
It also discusses the social impact of immigration and ethnic groups. Each generation views housing options and approaches housing decisions differently. Asset planning, finance and taxation affect them differently as well, but they are equally important to all home buyers and sellers. The book presents these vital topics in a clearly stated, understandable manner to guide both the agent and the consumer. 
Click here to order a copy of the book. You can review more real estate-related books in the RealTown Book Store.

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