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h this prime minister's adult in person privately negotiate, sweater according to help of all countries to Japan different,knitwear Japan pays a different price respectively. After these two days of effort, Japan on the whole and these nation reached agreement, is this,cashmere sweaters Japan totally paid each above technique of national 90%, these techniques all control in the hand of big financial group,knitwear however is wild medium believe.They would like to take out to protect Japan, Japans all had no, they these financial group also have no. On top of that,sweater Japan additionally paid the funds of USD 270,000,000,plus size dresses000 are multinational troopses to help their military expenseses, 270,mens sweaters000,000,000, want to be wild medium also love of can not stand, if give him time, this money he can create, a glorious fleet came out.Again not help, equip 1,000,006 soldiers to also have no problem. Let most wild medium suffered of still sign with Russia of agreement, south thousand islands in the island from now on didn't belong to them any further.Be wild for this medium is very likely to carry on the back a scolding of innumerable. These, all drive wild medium be into humiliation, wild medium of in the mind secretly swear, this fights a to lead, after waiting nuclear weapon machining to develop successfully.Develop a military with all strength, these nation take away of thing, all entirely want to still come back, and want decuple to above return to return. ", Nine counties in deer island in the state island, an ever prosperous big city, seem to be a bit disconsolate at present. After getting a seed island China immediately arranged a large force protection, and come to a lot of experts from the local secret parties, these expert almost is at day and night work, study Japan to know for the aerospace base of the whole world. Later on, navy's fleet takes a debarkation warship direct from nine state debarkations, big parts of Japans of nine state islands guarding soldiers all has been already withdrawn, the armed strength that could

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