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2009-05-13 18:20:05 Joins RealTown Network, the real estate industry's premier internet portal, and, a leading provider of Neighborhood Social Networking tools for real estate professionals recently announced a new marketing agreement.

"We're excited about working with MyOnlineNeighborhood because we think that the services that they provide can be extremely valuable to Real Estate Professionals," said Rich Hudson, Associate Publisher for RealTown.
The services of a real estate professional are more important now than any time in the last 10 years. Yet, with home prices in record decline, withdrawn buyers and expanding inventories of short sales, foreclosures and owner held homes, many real estate professionals can no longer compete. By leading their neighborhood social network with promotional tools from MyOnlineNeighborhood real estate professionals can establish themselves as the neighborhood real estate professional. However, this opportunity is not available for everyone, as each neighborhood social network will have only one real estate professional.
Don and Diane Eagle founded MyOnlineNeighborhood in 2000 as a result of their frustration with the rising costs and diminishing returns of magazine and newspaper advertising. "Why spend thousands of dollars to advertise to people all over the state, when the buyers and sellers are in your neighborhood," Diane said.
"With MyOnlineNeighborhood, we give members the community a way to connect and to build a relationship so that when the buyers and sellers need the services of a real estate professional, you will have already established a relationship with them."
Nine years after finishing their first neighborhood site in College Park, FL, MyOnlineNeighborhood has expanded to become a Neighborhood Social Network with more than 1,800 neighborhood sites across the country.
"Much like RealTown, we've been doing 'Social Networking' before there was a word for it," Don said. "We put the Neighborhood online with Video Channels, Events Calendars, Discussion Boards, Job Listings, Merchant Listings and lots more. And each site has only one Real Estate Professional in the Real Estate Channel."'s service allows agents to position themselves as Neighborhood Real Estate Professionals, by providing Social Networking tools to each neighborhood. "We offer all of the tools that we can think of to the neighborhood. And then we tie those tools in with Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and YouTube," says Diane.
MyOnlineNeighborhood is different from other SEO-related marketing strategies. "Especially for smaller communities, if you need a barber or a florist, you aren't going to type that information into Google. But that same person would go to their Neighborhood's website. And once the community starts to use the site, it takes on a life of its own. Its your community!" says Diane. "And with MyOnlineNeighborhood, real estate professionals promote their communities and themselves at the same time."
If you are a real estate professional and are interested in learning more, visit MyOnlineNeighborhood to fill out an online application or contact Don and Diane Eagle at (800) 470-8730.
MyOnlineNeighborhood is a company that provides real estate professionals with neighborhood-focused social networks. If you would like more information about MyOnlineNeighborhood or to see if Neighborhood Social Networks are right for you, please visit and fill out an application or contact Don and Diane Eagle at 1-800-470-8730.
RealTown® is the oldest and most respected online community in the real estate industry, with its development dating back to 1995. Over the years, real estate professionals have contributed nearly 1 million posts to the RealTalk community and other associated communities hosted by InternetCrusade on its RealTown portal.

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