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2011-12-04 14:53:51

My Dream House

Everyone has a dream house. The best feature of a dream house is the warm feeling when you’re inside; it should be a house that really warmly embraces you. This house should be a place which you can entitle it as “home”, a house you really love, a venue for experiencing happiness and for creating wonderful memories. Portland Homes for Sale offer you stylish homes that may suit your dream houses.

Portland Real Estate offers you a luxurious house which we call the “Entertainer’s Dream Home”. The house has a floor area of 4,347 square feet but the total lot area is 11,671 square feet (0.27 acre) and is surrounded by different trees which are free air fresheners. The lawn is covered with green grasses that can relax your eyes. It is a well-built house that is made 17 years ago (1994). These many years had passed but still its elegance, good quality and beauty remained.

The glass windows in the house are allowing the entry of bright light and fresh air while the light colors of the walls help lighten the home. You can also attain the ecstasy viewing the beauty of nature through these windows, good enough to start your day.

Family time is essential to have a stronger and deep-rooted relationship with one another. There’s a Family Room where you can spend time with them and do some games, bonding moments, or other activities. Of course, there’s the cozy living room where you can watch television or chat with visitors; and also an office or study room which is a conducive and effective workplace.

This home brags its exceptional dining room and kitchen, equipped with cook top Island and Stainless Steel appliances and of course, uniquely designed cabinets, drawers and fridge.

After a long day, one would doze off in a bedroom. There are six bedrooms in this house, each having exquisite designs filled with tranquility and calmness where you can sleep peacefully. 

Lastly, there’s this covered decks where you can view the astonishing scenery in the valley.

Searching for your dream home ends now because surely, “Entertainer’s Dream Home” is the one!

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