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2007-04-17 17:11:00

Multimedia Marketing Embedded in Single Property Web Sites

AgencyLogic, one of the largest real estate industry providers of property web sites in North America, today announced that they have added a new product, PowerMedia, that will allow REALTORS to showcase their podcasts, blogs and video marketing within the PowerSite tool –- at no additional cost.  

PowerSites now offer real estate agents the flexibility to create a multimedia experience for their audience by adding even richer information to their listing presentations.  By creating the most comprehensive source of information about a single property, AgencyLogic PowerSites deliver more buyers to the property.

“Many real estate professionals have already discovered the impact of adding multi-media to their web sites, and we created PowerMedia so that they can efficiently make use of new technology for all of their listing presentations,” said Mark Wayman, CIO of AgencyLogic.  “We are taking note of the industry trends of using podcasts, blogs and especially video and wanted to provide a method for REALTORS to integrate all of this technology right where it will make the greatest impact for them – the listing presentation.”

“The PowerSite product is great –we create one for every listing. We think what AgencyLogic is doing is great,” said Carole Smith of EWM Realtors in Coral Gables, Florida, “Having a blog ad podcast link on our PowerSite is a great way to differentiate us from the competition.”

PowerSites contain all of the information that buyers are looking for about a particular property – in one web site.  AgencyLogic PowerSites allow REALTORS to create comprehensive, single property web sites for less than the cost of a newspaper ad.  Each PowerSite includes a web site address e.g.,, one year of hosting and all the tools needed to describe the property in detail, add photos, floor plans, create slideshows, upload related documents, map the property, create custom links, add video, blogs or podcasts as well as marketing tools such as free syndication to the major real estate search engines. 

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