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2010-06-18 01:11:00

Mortgage Pre-approval vs. Mortgage Pre-Qualification

A mortgage pre-approval is not the same as a mortgage pre-qualification. Many people confuse the two terms. A mortgage pre-qualification is the first step to getting a mortgage pre-approval. 
During the mortgage pre-qualification process, a mortgage lender will evaluate your financial status based on information you give over the telephone or internet. It does not usually require an application fee or require you to substantiate income and expense claims. The lender will determine how much you are likely to be able to afford for housing. It is important to be completely honest with your lender and yourself during this process. 
A mortgage pre-approval is more formal. It will require fees including an application fee and a credit report fee. You will be asked to provide documents to verify employment or other forms of income. The mortgage lender working on the mortgage pre-approval will pull your credit reports and review your credit history. Mortgage pre-approval is a better guarantee of your eligibility than a mortgage pre-qualification. 
Mortgage Pre-Approval Gives You Bargaining Power
Home shoppers are often disappointed when they are turned down for a loan. Home sellers suffer too when their intended buyer is not able to secure a loan. Sellers are wary of buyers who may not qualify for a home loan. A mortgage pre-approval will give you bargaining power.

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