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2010-06-06 17:06:53

SEO to Leads the Easy Way

The More People Find Your Website, The More Leads You Will Get. Increase Your Website's Google Ranking in 3 Easy Steps.
While there are more advanced techniques you can do after this, these simple suggestions are great first steps on your way to mastering SEO.
The 3 main tips to start better SEO all relate to Keywords and are:
1. Keyword Website URL
2. Keyword Website Content
3. Keyword Inbound Links
A lot of SEO concerns the use of keywords and how people research real estate online. While people will access numerous websites like, Trulia, Zillow, Craigslist and others, they will also more than likely go to to search for real estate information, most often searching various combinations of:
"Homes for Sale in (location)"
"Real Estate for Sale in (location)"
Have a combination of the keywords that people search most on Google to find real estate in your area in your website URL:
Recommended To Do:   
1. Go to and search for an appropriate Keyword URL for your area.
2. Take your time and try and many combinations as needed until you find one that is not too long, makes sense and is easy to remember.
Use the same principal above for your WEBSITE CONTENT but also take it down to the sales areas WITHIN your main sales area.
If your main sales area is Atlanta, GA you will have areas within (or around/near) Atlanta that you work in as well. Click the links below for websites that rank high on Google for various major keyword searches that have Property Search pages for some of their key sales areas in and around Atlanta, GA.
Recommended to do:    
1. Make a list of the areas within your major sales area. This list should have at least 4-5 areas and as much as 10-15 as appropriate for your area.
2. Add pages in your website for each of these area searches (and do not forget one for your main sales area!) working with your website company as needed. It should not cost you anything to do this.
The Title of the pages should be a variation of: Kennesaw, GA Homes for Sale
There should be some content below the page title and above either the search links or the displayed properties for each sales area.
A paragraph or two is good. Write about the area, using the appropriate keywords in complete sentences much like you would talk to someone that has never been to that area. What would you tell someone from another state about the area that has never been there before?
Inbound links are one of the most underutilized and best ways to drive SEO to your website. The best ways to do it...
Anchor Text
For your main sales area and each specific area property search you created above, Create a link title to put in your online marketing:
Examples:                     Atlanta Homes for Sale
                                  Kennesaw, GA Homes for Sale
Then copy the URL for the appropriate Property Search Page at your website and link it to the Link Titles.
Link Up
The better the website that is linking to you, the more SEO juice you will get. The best place to put these links are on other websites that Google ranks highly for real estate. For real estate, RealTown and ActiveRain are two of the best websites.
These are the easiest ways and fastest ways to increase the SEO of your website. There are more advanced techniques that build on these initial suggestions that will be described in later articles.
So get started on this now and by the time the next article is written and published, you will be done with these and already benefiting from easy and powerful SEO!

Scott Pierce is the founder and head trainer of Listings-to-Leads, a leading provider of lead generation tools for real estate brokers and agents on Craigslist, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, SEO and other online marketing products. Scott Pierce was formerly the Director of Online Marketing at a leading Sotheby's International  Realty affiliate. Listings-to-Leads generate more leads for brokers and agents using their listings, the number one searched item by online consumers.

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