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March 20, 2009

‘MLS 5.0: The Outer Limits’ Focus of Point2 Technologies

MLS 5.0- The Outer Limits’ was the central theme of Saul Klein, the CEO of both InternetCrusade and Point2 Technologies. His address was to the attendees of the annual real estate Association Executives Institute (AEI) over the weekend.

Klein's address discussed the unavoidable evolution the real estate profession is undergoing and how forward-thinking Multiple Listing Service (MLS) organizations are taking the lead and embracing industry changing disciplines that are re-asserting, yet again, the value of MLS.

As Multiple Listing Service organizations seek to identify new ways to deliver value to their members, Klein’s address tackled key issues and aimed to quell critical concerns that remain on the minds of many senior executives at MLSs across the United States and Canada.
Facing a brutal economy and general unease around the value of MLS, Association Executives will be invited to examine:
The state of their organization today. Is it moving in the right direction, or is it merely an image of its old self?
The session also explored what will be required to build on the current foundation of today’s MLS. Klein will paint a picture of the future of the MLS, and refute the claim that the MLS is threatened to become irrelevant. Klein’s assessment, based on 33 years of MLS experience in many areas and at many levels will highlight the strengths of the MLS and its potential to play a tremendous role in the real estate environment of the future.

“Easy access to property listing information online, and an extremely weak housing market have applied significant pressure on real estate brokers and agents, translating into pressure on Association Executives to revisit the purpose of their organizations,” said Klein. “But the challenge MLSs and Boards face today, are only reminders of the relevance and resilience of these institutions. They have evolved with the times and time and again proven that they remain the backbone of the industry.”

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