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2008-03-03 15:51:00

mBrokerTools Delivers Quality Leads for Mortgage Professionals

Network Earth, Inc., creators of AgencyLogic PowerSites, and other Web-based software for businesses, today announced the release of mBrokerTools,  a collaborative effort with mortgage industry leaders, Dan Rawitch, Bill Bitz and Jeff Jaye to create synergistic lead-generating relationships between the mortgage industry and real estate professionals.

Created to answer a growing need from loan originators for qualified and exclusive leads, the mBrokerTools product will reach large quantities of homebuyers from a variety of reputable sources, including,  a leading real estate search and information web site.  Rather than purchasing potentially stale and unresponsive leads, the mBrokerTool gives mortgage professionals the ability to provide a credible, localized service at the moment the buyer is interested in a particular property.

“We have been aware of the huge need for qualified leads within the real estate and mortgage industry for some time,” said Mark Wayman, CIO of Network Earth.  “Partnering with the leaders in the mortgage industry to create this tool is a fantastic opportunity for us, and we believe creates a viable opportunity for fresh, competent leads that simply didn’t exist before now.”

“Homescape is dedicated to providing consumers with relevant, top of mind information about buying or selling a home,” said Mark Tepper, Vice President of Buisness Development.  “Partnering with mBrokerTools and Network Earth, allows us to provide consumers with an easy way to reach a mortgage professional during their home search.”

"It's about time the mortgage broker has some solid leads available to them from a trusted source,” said Bill Bitz of mBrokerTools.  “I know the brokers in our industry don't like spending good money after bad leads."

About mBrokerTools

Developed by mortgage coaches and trainers in 2007, mBrokerTools was created for loan originators who are tired of wasting time and money on poor quality Internet leads. mBrokerTools delivers affordable, exclusive, real-time leads through a proprietary system based on a state of the art technology that captures the lead the moment a consumer becomes interested in a specific property.

About Network Earth 

Network Earth, Inc. is an international technology company that specializes in Web-based software development for businesses.  Network Earth’s expertise includes application and Website development as well as new venture startups.  It was founded in 1995 by two British technology experts in order to take advantage of new business opportunities in the burgeoning Internet and World Wide Web arenas. Today, the company’s core internal products include AgencyLogic PowerSites, a single-property web site tool for the real estate industry.

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