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2010-04-09 15:26:49

Matthew Ferrara & Co. Unveils WebTV Service for Companies


Matthew Ferrara & Co. has announced the release of their new WebTV service for real estate organizations and franchise systems. Through a state-of-the-art production studio, WebTV delivers live instruction in high definition broadcasts to companies and multiple locations simultaneously to drive maximum attendance and participation. To see an example of WebTV, Click here 
Through WebTV, companies can enjoy bringing some of Matthew Ferrara's top presentations from International conferences right back to their company at a fraction of the cost of a live event. Keynote presentations, agent workshops and manager training academies which were reserved for higher budget events can now be enjoyed by individual companies.
"We wanted to deliver our content in an exciting, innovative manner and help drive excitement into the dull "point and click" online learning systems we see today," said Matthew Ferrara, President and CEO. "Our new WebTV service enables companies of all sizes to deliver fun, compelling and interactive sessions to all their personnel - including those in multiple locations - at a price significantly lower than if we did it live and onsite."
WebTV seminars start at $1,500 for a live 60 minute broadcast for all company personnel. A special $2,000 promotion package includes a 90 minute live broadcast and a bonus "Managers' "lunch with Matt" conference call following the broadcast to discuss implimentation practices for the WebTV session's curriculum.
For more information or to request a WebTV session, contact Rick Calanni at 1-800-253-2350, ext.101


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