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2007-11-08 20:00:00

Matthew Ferrara & Co. Provides RealTown Members Tech Support

RealTown members have a new service available to help them solve technology issues in a fast, efficient and GUARANTEED manner through the services of Matthew Ferrara & Company and the company’s TechHotline.

“The affiliation with Matthew Ferrara will provide our members with state-of-the-art support, seven days a week, with a guaranteed result or they pay nothing. That is a great benefit for our members,” said Saul Klein, (shown at right) President and CEO of InternetCrusade and its RealTown online network.

As more and more consumers begin their search for real estate-related information on the Internet, it is critical that real estate professionals are well educated in the use of technology to the benefit of both the consumer and the agent and/or broker. When they have a problem, they need fast results.

"Traditional technical support options for REALTORS are terrible," said Matthew Ferrara, (shown at left) CEO of the TechHotline. "Most manufacturers overcharge for service or provide low quality support. We think RealTown Members deserve much better and we can do it at a much lower cost."

The TechHotline has been providing support to REALTOR corporate customers and Associations since 1999. Adding the RealTown affiliate line was a logical next step in helping its members be more effective with technology.

"Many REALTORS have nowhere to turn, Ferarra said. “Vendors make them wait on hold forever. Downloading programs from the web is risky. We’re a natural fit for RealTown members who are very tech-savvy but can sometimes need a little help."

Compared to other, more expensive services, the TechHotline is far more effective. "We charge $24.95 for almost all of our calls," says Ferrara, "and we fix it, or it's free." Some specialty services do cost more, Ferrara acknowledges, such as networking or a system cleanup, "but we're still smarter, faster, better all around.”

Dick Barker, a real estate agent from Maryland, recently used the service and had this to say: "I had just bought a new IBM laptop and Microsoft Office wasn't working properly. I spent an hour with IBM bouncing around, until a technician advised me to completely uninstall and reinstall all of my software. I checked with the Tech Hotline for a second opinion. They logged in and had me running again in about 20 minutes."

A REALTOR Association member has this to say:  “I have used your service three times in the last three weeks for a serious virus problem and I am very impressed with the level of service and the professional of all the techs that I have talked to. I plan on singing your praise at our Board of Directors meeting this Friday!”

Matthew Ferrara’s TechHotline now serves more than 600,000 real estate users nationwide. The service was founded because its owners were frustrated with their experiences with outsourced support that didn't care about the customer.

The company's core principles are: answer the phone fast, employ friendly technicians and fix the problem. The TechHotline answers 10,000 calls a month, with an average wait time under two minutes, employing the latest support tools at its state-of-the-art call center to deliver a totally different technical support experience to consumers.

InternetCrusade® ( is a San Diego-based company that was founded in 1995. Specializing in online publishing, InternetCrusade provides tools and systems for real estate professionals including domains, domain hosting, e-mail systems and hosting, listservs, online voting and surveys. InternetCrusade’s principals have more than 100 years of combined real estate industry experience.

IC powers the real estate portal, the industry’s oldest and most respected real estate network featuring a variety of online communities as well as a wealth of community created content. Over the years, real estate professionals have made nearly 1 million posts to RealTalk and other public and private communities that are part of the RealTown network.

For more information, e-mail Matthew Ferrara at or visit the RealTown TechHotline web site at

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