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2008-06-18 13:31:50

MapsAlive Incorporates Video Into Interactive Maps

AvantLogic, developers of MapsAlive, the premier interactive map and floor plan application, announced the ability to include video in interactive map tours created with its popular web application. With MapsAlive, any map can be made interactive to display photos, text, and video when the mouse moves over markers on the map. Unlike Google maps, any image, including floor plans, photos, diagrams and geographic maps, can be made interactive. 

With the addition of video to MapsAlive, people can now explore locations on interactive maps in a variety of ways. Residential and commercial real estate tours can combine video with photos and text to show how rooms flow from one to another, tour a neighborhood, and give people a sense of place. Travel maps can include photos and videos highlighting specific destinations or events. Community or regional advertising maps can display video advertisements in addition to traditional image ads when people mouse over advertiser locations.

"Everyone likes maps, especially interactive maps. With MapsAlive anyone can create an interactive map that shows helpful, practical information in an engaging way," said George Soules, President of AvantLogic. "Adding an interactive map to your website attracts visitors and keeps them interested longer. The power and flexibility of MapsAlive tours put them in a class by themselves."

In addition to video, MapsAlive includes several new powerful and innovative features. A categorized directory of all map locations allows visitors to search and browse by name, and click to go directly to a location and view its content. The MapZoom feature allows visitors to zoom in or out to view more or less detail on large maps. The Live Data feature can display up-to-the minute information from a database when mousing over map markers.

About AvantLogic

AvantLogic is the creator of MapsAlive, a web application that can make any map interactive for use on web pages. A map can be any image such as a diagram, floor plan, photo, or geographic map. Interactive maps allow viewers to move their mouse over markers to quickly gather information and see images and text associated with locations on the map. MapsAlive is popular among residential and commercial real estate professionals, and is also used to create interactive location maps and web content for travel and tourism, education, and law enforcement.

Based in Waitsfield, Vermont, AvantLogic was founded in 1999 as a software consulting company specializing in web applications, commercial grade software, and safety-critical computer systems. Clients include ABC Television, Bombardier, DaimlerChrysler and the New York Power Authority. AvantLogic launched MapsAlive in 2007, and is now focused on making MapsAlive the premier tool for creating online interactive map tours.

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