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2007-03-24 00:22:00

LORE Magazine Official Blog Is a Class Act

'Lives of Real Estate' -- The Official Blog

The Official Blog of LORE Magazine is a new addition to the "Lives of Real Estate" repertoire, featuring the commentary of LORE Publisher Anne Randolph. LORE readers will enjoy the chatty "Coming Attractions" bits, the publisher's reflections upon her personal home purchase, and thoughts about marketing to the new wealthy in the U.S.

LORE Magazine is a class act. So is its sister blog. Artsy graphics and design integrate the magazine and the blog seamlessly and effortlessly. A reader visits boh venues without having to readjust visual depth of field or practice the squint-unsquint ocular calisthenics demanded at other publications' online magazine-to-blog sojourns. This is a new blog that's here to stay. Check it out now and say later, "I knew this blog when it was just a baby."

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