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2011-09-02 20:39:17

Looking to the Future!

Allison James Estates and Homes continues to grow month after month!  We have found that the experienced Realtors love our business model. In fact, our average Realtor has been in the business over ten (10) years and does ten (10) sales a year. The leaders in our industry who follow these statistics know that these are incredible numbers for a National Company that has been in business less than four (4) years. 

So, recently I contracted with the top Real Estate Industry Consulting firm in the country. I want to take Allison James Estates and Homes to the next level.  I asked them to look at our expanding concepts and what it would take to make this happen.   I wanted them to recommend what our best plan of action is and what modifications we may need to focus on to achieve this.

One idea is to start acquiring other 100% Real Estate Brokerages. There are literally thousands out there now; however, almost all of them are built around the brick and mortar model.  Most of these Brokerages have been declining or are in a serious financial position because 100%  and brick and mortar go together like oil and water. There are a few exceptions.  Those exceptions are the 100% Brokerages that have literally thousands of Realtors. Given that they have thousands of Realtors they make money. Still if you look at the production overall their numbers are pretty dismal.  We pride ourselves on being the ReMax of the 100% Brokerage model!

Another idea I have considered is acquiring a tradition (al) National Brokerage (Company/Firm/Person) and taking the next five (5) years to convert them/all to the 100% model.  In doing so this would aid the Brokers in reducing their mounting debt from their brick and mortar operations.

Another approach is to raise the capital and hire the top Brokers in every major metropolitan area of the country and contractually putting them on salary. This plan like the plans outlined above would require a substantial amount of capital. So the question becomes; do we want to take on that type of debt? (liability)

Allison James Estates and Homes has virtually no debt other than the debt from capital my wife and I either lent to the company or have a personal guarantee on that was lent to the company. We are very fortunate that we have had the financial resources to fund all the growth of Allison James Estates and Homes up to this point.

Another idea that I have has generated great interest, but mainly from franchise owners. Since franchises don’t allow it, this concept has not had a lot of success up to this point.  Allison James Estates & Homes is currently in talks with two independent traditional Brokerages to make it happen.

The proposal is to allow a traditional Brokerage that wants to model our business, to open a separate LLC of Allison James Estates and Homes while maintaining their current brick and mortar operation. We are confident after a short period of time the Broker would gain a much more profitable business with Allison James Estates and Homes and would convert their traditional operations. This does not require very much capital at all.

In conclusion, it is Allison James Estates and Homes’ goal to continue our rapid growth and continued success!  We are profitable and going to make it better with your help!

Here’s the problem, and THE PROBLEM IS ME. I have visions and goals of Allison James Estates and Homes becoming the new ReMax within the next five (5) years. I want to see Allison James Estates and Homes yard signs in every city and small town in America, Canada, Europe, South America, etc.  This is because I’m driven by success and I am confident we can accomplish this.

So that is where we are as a Company at Allison James Estates and Homes.  Join the TEAM and the drive!


James A. Crumbaugh III is CEO and the founder of Allison James Estates and Homes the leading Virtual National Real Estate Brokerage in the country. You may reach Mr. Crumbaugh at


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