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2010-01-04 04:01:34

Live Labs Featured at Inman Connect


Roll up your sleeves and mix it up with your fellow attendees at Real Estate Connect NYC 2010! New “Live Lab” sessions will deliver an intensive 90 minutes of learning and collaboration on a single topic.

Building Brand and Influence Through Social Media

You can get 5,000 Twitter followers with no measurable benefit. You can blog until your fingers hurt with no readers. Learn how to get results, move beyond participation to engagement on the social Web, and measure your success.

Vendors Only: Selling Technology Solutions in Real Estate

You've got an application. A service. Something you think is killer. But you have no idea how to market and sell it. Learn how to price your product, message it, and get in front of the people who will buy it in this session led by one of the most battle-tested marketing and busdev executives in the business.

Video Production and Distribution

Discover exactly what it takes to make video work for your business. From equipment specs to making sure your video gets viewed, this session will give you everything you need to get started.

SEO Smackdown: How to Cut Through the B.S. and Get Results

If you've ever wasted money on SEO, been mystified by SEO, or wanted to improve your results, this lab will show you how to cut through the noise with practical tips, examples and candid discussion you won't get anywhere else.

 Advanced Wordpress Techniques

Wordpress is much more than a blog platform: It's a robust content management platform. If you're ready to enter the world of hacks, custom themes and SEO, this is where you begin.

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