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2011-07-19 01:23:40

Let's Talk About Your Logo...

Hi there,

 I want about logos.  Sure, we all know how important a logo design is.  It represents the true essence of your brand, identity, and image. Many agents think that having their 'broker' logo is all they need; but have you given any thought to your OWN personal logo? Having your own personal logo is a great marketing tool and helps to convey professionalism, prestige, and success. You can have your own 'stand alone logo' like this:

Or Mash-Up your logo with your Broker logo that looks like this:

Your logo can be as simple or as complex as you'd like; but remember, "less is more" when it comes to design.

Here are a few things to consider when designing your logo:

  • Keep it simple -- less is more.
  • It needs to be easy to read from a distance -- it's not go if no one can read or recognize it.
  • Stick to 2-3 colors -- too many colors can get a bit confusing.
  • Choose a design or font based on your market niche -- if you specialize in Victorian homes, choose scroll type font. If you're into modern sleek homes, go with a design that's clean and sleek (i.e.: the sample design above).
  • Try to mimic your broker's logo -- as seen in the example above, it looks similar to the Sotheby's logo. This will give off a "tailored" or coordinated look. 

Your logo will speak to your clients and prospects more than words alone. So really give it some thought.

Once you have your logo, proudly display it EVERYWHERE! All your public advertising should have your logo displayed in plain sight. Your flyers and brochures should carry your logo. Your yard signs and websites should are also great place to display your logo.


So, how do you design your personalize logo? Well there are a few ways:

  • Do it yourself (Easy Way) -- Fire up MS WORD, MAC PAGES, or MS PAINT and simply type away! These programs are pretty simple to use. Est. Time: 20-30 minutes.
  • Do it yourself (Skilled Way) -- Use Adobe Illustrator! It's the best program for vector graphics that will produce the best results.
  • Outsource it -- There's a great service called 99Designs that you can contract designers around the world to make you a cool logo. It'll cost you a pennies, but you won't have to waste hours on the computer making it!

Having a professional logo is a great way to market, position, and brand yourself as a top producing agent!

I hope you enjoyed this article!





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