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2007-09-04 07:01:00

Landlords Launch Web Site with List of Bad Tenants

Landlords will always take risks when renting their properties. However, these risks can be minimized by allowing landlords to see if a potential renter has been added to the list of bad tenants, according to the web site developer. Landlords who register at the site are obligated to inform other landlords of the problems encountered when renting properties to certain tenants. 

Landlords can pre-screen candidates through this site to find out if the previous landlord experienced any of the following issues: Late Payments, Non-Payment of Rent, Destruction of Property, Theft, Refusal to Vacate Premises or any other issues a landlord may have encountered.

As a member, a landlord has unlimited tenant postings and unlimited tenant searches. When posting tenant information, landlords are allowed to enter any comments they feel will best describe their experience with a certain renter. Members will be able to contact other members via e-mail to help verify certain tenant information, and this information will be useful to the landlord community of Do Not Rent To in determining if the potential renter is a suitable candidate for their property.

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