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2008-07-02 17:05:40

LandDesign, Audubon Lifestyles Work for Sustainable Development

Charlotte, NC (PRWEB)  -- LandDesign Inc. and Audubon Lifestyles, LLC, announce a new strategic partnership aimed at helping businesses and municipalities to implement green design and development and build more sustainable communities.

The partnership will offer comprehensive, practical and timely assistance for clients that are committed to environmentally responsible green design and sustainable development, and creating long-term quality of life within their communities.

Staff members of the two organizations have worked together on high-profile sustainable design projects such as The Sanctuary, a nature reserve lakeside community in Charlotte, North Carolina, and Hasentree Golf Community in Raleigh, North Carolina. These community developments were designed and built with the belief that through good stewardship, proper planning and cooperation, we can protect the natural environment, enhance lifestyles and spur economic growth. Both companies are members of the International Sustainability Council (ISC) and are committed to adoption and promotion of the ISC Principles of Sustainability through their work.

LandDesign and Audubon Lifestyles will work as exclusive partners. In addition, they will form a joint-venture team to offer end-to-end sustainable design and planning solutions to businesses and municipalities. Together, they provide a comprehensive suite of sustainability advisory services, land planning, urban design, civil engineering, landscape architecture, natural resource planning, branding and sustainable design certification assistance.

"LandDesign has incorporated environmental sensibilities and stewardship into its projects for many years," said Dale Stewart, managing partner of LandDesign's Charlotte office. "This partnership takes that commitment to the next level and offers more comprehensive green design services to clients. We're honored to be associated with Audubon Lifestyles. The meaning and value that their work brings to the long-term quality of life in our communities is something that we want to be a part of."

"We are excited about this partnership because it will help facilitate more sustainable communities," says Ronald Dodson, president of the ISC and chief sustainability advisor for Audubon Lifestyles, LLC. "We can't wish ourselves to a sustainable future. We need to work ourselves there one person, one place and one project at a time. This is more than a standard business relationship; it's goal-oriented and principle-driven."

With seven offices in the United States and Beijing, China, LandDesign brings innovative, buildable, sustainable, marketable and ecologically responsible projects to life worldwide. Founded in 1978 in Charlotte, North Carolina, the firm provides a comprehensive suite of urban design, green design, planning, civil engineering, branding and landscape architecture solutions to public and private sector clients across the globe. Learn more at

Audubon Lifestyles, LLC, based in Palm Harbor, Florida, provides education, advisory services and certification assistance based on the International Sustainability Council Principles of Sustainability. The organization facilitates sustainable living and lifestyles by assisting businesses and individuals in sustainable design solutions that are reliable, practical and efficient. Learn more at

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