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2010-01-08 21:41:51

Klein Named to Inman "Influence" List for 5th Straight Year


InternetCrusade and Point2 Technologies Inc. chief executive officer Saul Klein has been named to the prestigious INMAN News’ ‘100 Most Influential Real Estate Leaders’ list for the fifth consecutive year.
Klein, a 35-year industry veteran known for his pioneering work and leadership in the evangelization and advance of technology and the Internet in real estate, is listed in the Technology category of the INMAN special report for 2009.
“I am humbled to be included in this group of dedicated individuals, many of whom I have known for years and all of whom I hold in the highest regard. It is personally gratifying to be recognized for believing in an idea and pursuing it with passion,” said Klein, Chief Executive Officer of both InternetCrusade and Point2 Technologies. “The real estate industry has only begun to tap the power of the Internet and I am fortunate to have been able to play a role, and grateful to my many friends and colleagues who have worked with me over the years.”
With technology playing an increasing role in consumers’ home searches and the business of real estate in general, the achievers named to the Technology category were selected on the merit of having ‘built tech tools and offered online services to make the industry more productive, efficient and effective in reaching consumers and serving their needs.’ The category also recognizes ‘industry leaders who are changing the way real estate professionals conduct business.’
The INMAN News ‘Top 100’ lists ‘the industry’s best and brightest who have risen to the challenge posed by a battered economy and housing hardships on an immense scale. The list also includes those individuals from outside of the real estate industry whose actions influence the business of buying and selling homes. These leaders embody leadership, innovation, ingenuity, power and persistence.’
Amongst his many lifetime accomplishments in real estate, Klein served as president of the San Diego Association of REALTORS®, and is creator of the e-PRO® Technology Certification program of the National Association of REALTORS®. Klein is also president and co-founder of InternetCrusade ( as well as the real estate profession’s oldest and largest online community, RealTown () which is home to the RealTalk community with nearly 1 million posts since it began in
The e-PRO Technology Certification Course was re-released late last year with a new Web 2.0 platform and an additional Web 2.0 and Social Media Course. Go to to see a course overview.
The special INMAN 100 report for 2009 covers seven categories, with an added "notables" section, namely brokerage; technology; trade organizations and multiple listing services; government; media, economists, academics and consultants; and mortgage and ancillary services.

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