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2008-05-28 13:38:26

8 Real Estate Sales Tips from Joe Klock

Tip #1 - Are You an Armchair Commando?
If you find yourself anchored behind a desk for increasing periods of time, maybe you've forgotten (or never learned) the following definition, which is endorsed by just about all the successful salespeople you'll ever encounter:

"OFFICE (n) An enclosed structure to which one should go only to do things that absolutely, positively, unquestionably cannot conceivably be done anywhere else in the known universe."

Whenever you catch yourself doing something in the office that you could possibly (and more effectively) do somewhere else, GET OUT!
Reasons: Buyers don't hang out there, sellers don't hang out there - and neither, for the most part, do winners. (But distractions DO!)

Limit your office time to the barest minimum you can get by with - and watch your productivity soar!

Tip # 2 - Take a Bow!
After you've done YOUR best at any task or in any contest, ponder the point that nobody else has done any better.
Remember that whenever (as it sometimes will) the scoreboard seems to suggest that you fell short!
Your only competitor is the you that you are when you are giving it all you've got!

Tip #3 - Maybe the Best 'Break' You Can Possibly Take!
Looking for a daily "pick-me-up" to give you that edge you might be needing right now?
For about the price of a few coffee breaks at "Bigbucks," (maybe just one if you're hosting), you can own a copy of The Real World Of Selling Real Estate.

It's a 400-plus-page volume packed with selections from past editions of these long-running Sales Tips Newsletters, plus a ton of other time-tested and field-proven material.

Practitioners all over the free world tell us that it is a desktop staple that never fails to instruct, inspire and/or remind them of what it takes to get going and KEEP going on a daily (make that hourly) basis.
Details may be found (and please find them) at

As an alternative, you might either relive the half-century of experience that went into the book or just enjoy maybe three White Chocolate Mocha Frappuccinos.

But for a caffeine-free kicker that lasts, we (and a whole bunch of endorsing real estate headliners) recommend "The Real World," which you can easily pay for by switching to Dunkin' Donuts!
Hey, do it NOW, while you're thinking about it!

Tip #4 - Words to Grow By

People who don't make mistakes almost never make anything at all.

Good judgment is the result of experience, which is often the result of bad judgment.

Gonna do" is the mantra of losers. If something's worth trying, try it NOW.
Mistakes can be corrected, but opportunities may not re-knock!

Tip #5 - 'It Abuts' 
As a technical phrase, the above words are useful in real estate communications, but when converted to an acronym, they can serve as a reminder that changing circumstances demand changing behavior, especially in challenging times like most of you are currently dealing with.

The ITABUTS acronym translates to a critical question, one that you should be asking yourself several times every day - if not every hour:

Is This Activity Building Up To Something?

Write "ITABUTS" on Post-It notes and scatter them around your workplace wherever they might momentarily grab your attention as you go about your daily (and nightly) routine.

They will remind you to ask yourself IF what you're doing at that moment really IS something constructive and conducive to productivity.

At the top of the "NO" (make that "NO-NO!") list is awfulizing about what the late Jimmy Durante referred to as "da sich-ye-ay-shin dat prevails."

Having a personal pity party about conditions beyond your control is no more useful than complaining about rain at the family picnic.

"Building up to something" means either taking action to mitigate bad stuff or making good stuff happen.

Teddy Roosevelt perhaps said it best: "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are."

That formula won't magically transform a quagmire of problems into a bed of roses, but like the chicken soup prescribed by countless generations of Jewish mothers, "it vouldn't hoit!"

Surrendering to negative thoughts, persisting with obsolete practices and/OR listening to doom-shouting "experts" will never turn the lemons of reality into the lemonade of improvement.

Even if you can't make things good, you can always make them better.

Better is the direct (and only) pathway to YOUR best - which is not only the most you can do, but also the least. (Read that again, why don't you?)

ITABUTS? Make sure that it is... and when it isn't, do something different!
Tip #6 - The Puppy-Dog Close 
Generations ago, pet shop owners learned that one of the best ways to wrap up an indecisive buyer was to say, "just take this little guy home for a few days, and if you don't like him, we'll give you a full refund."

This not-so-subtle technique shifted the mind-set of the prospect from buying a puppy to owning one.

Likewise, in showing a home to prospective purchasers, encourage them to visualize owning it - actually living there and enjoying its amenities.

Use questions like, "How would you arrange the furniture in this room?" or, "Whose bedroom would this be" or "How might the family use this patio?"

If and when they start to "mentally move in," they'll start bringing up problems and objections, which you can then help them to resolve.

Meanwhile, they can't help focusing on the creature comforts they'd enjoy as owners.

Tip #7 - Keep in Touch!  
Have you EVER received any Seller complaints about calling them too often?

Even when there's nothing to report, that's SOMETHING to report. (It tells your Sellers in no uncertain terms that their property is not meeting the wants and needs of available prospects, however few and fussy they may be).

A lack of activity is one of the results - albeit a negative one - of testing the market and challenging the competition - the specific jobs you were hired to do.

If anything is selling anywhere, the market is then telling your sellers, again loudly and clearly,  that they may be missing an opportunity to attract the best offer obtainable from the best buyer available.

Always remember (and don't let them forget) that the best offer from the best buyer is THE market value of their home.

SUGGESTION: Get the word to them through "The Facts Of Life For Home Sellers" at - without delay!

Tip #8 - A Thumbnail Course in Strategy

  1.  Plan your work
  2. Work your plan.
    (Any questions?)

(Joe Klock is the author of 432-page collection of sales tips, The Real World of Selling Real Estate. World renowned trainer Tom Hopkins says, "The wit and wisdom of Joe Klock is a great tool to lift you up as you face the daily challenges of the wonderful world of real estate sales." )

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