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2010-09-28 08:05:28

jimmy choo shoes

 Jimmy Choo is gratified to reveal new exclusive limited edition cooperation UGG and Jimmy Choo. A capsule products combines the iconic UGG Australia sheepskin shoe pattern with impressive details that incarnate the inspiration of the Jimmy Choo trademark.

Combining 5 fashions in multifarious hue sorts, the line features the characteristic UGG boot with ornamental Jimmy Choo zebra, grommets, studding, stars and hobo fringing decoration.
Elegant and fiery, these are the fashion statements you project when you have Jimmy Choo shoes on your feet. Well, actually, the classic, super closed and knee high boots are what were meant here. But did you know that this classic footwear was reinvented to suit the modern times but still keeping the functionality of the shoes? Then you have to check out the  Jimmy Choo Fire Soft leather shoe boots that were just recently released in the market.
Sporting a mini-boot look in bottle blue color, this stylish footwear features a cage-like structure that is stylish. If you find the gladiator sandals attractive and cool, these  Jimmy Choo boots would really appeal to you because the cage-like structures are also similar to the gladiator look only that it is a smaller version.
These Jimmy Choos have really revolutionized footwear that you should be glad to add to your collection – chick, cool and functional. You could not ask for more and it’s well worth the money you spent on them.

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