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2010-12-24 06:36:45

It’s a funny about tungsten rings

It’s funny that Tungsten ringsare loved for their delicate beauty, yet they are made of a material with such ‘harsh’ uses! Tungsten is a metal that is often used for various industrial and commercial purposes and very commonly used within the military in the building of ammunition made to pierce armour! It is also used in sports to make hard tips, like hard poles, roller ski tips etc. It also has many of the domestic uses too, like being used in the making of pen tips, razor tip blades and such. Nothing pretty or dainty about that!

The word tungsten means “heavy stone” in Swedish. It has high melting point which makes it very useful for use in high temperature, electric and welding purposes and is extremely hard and durable to say the least. Tungsten metals are actually tungsten carbide which is used in making rings, meaning; tungsten carbide is a combination of tungsten with carbon. Due to the hardness property of tungsten, it really resists scratches and it does not get old easily and is simply just not easily damaged. And the best part? It is not very costly at all! To give you an example; we can buy 5 tungsten rings for the same cost of one platinum ring!

They come in various varieties and although they are not a very precious stone, they are fashionable and pretty much damage-resistant. Tungsten rings also come in many styles. To name some of them, we have sierra, plateau, inspiration, mckey etc. Tungsten rings have extraordinary quality and value which make them attractive to customers, buyers and jewellery fiends alike! There are loads of varieties to choose from, there are tungsten wedding rings, tungsten faceted rigs, tungsten inlay ring collection, and tungsten couple bands are all available in most stylish and modern pattern of the rings. Tungsten rings can be purchased online and you should know where to shop from safely. One of the sites which have best collection and best prices is where you will find incredible collection of rings and you can find one which suits your preferences.

For all of you lovebirds out there, it is said that when you are planning your wedding bandsand are looking for life long lasting ring that will keep your love alive and be a symbol of your love for years to come; Tungsten rings are one of your best options. A little online research and a trip or two to some local jewellers could be all you need to help you pick out the best ring for you and your partner. By choosing one of these you are pretty much guaranteed stunning beauty, durability and an incredible value for your hard earned money so you can spend your savings on all of the other fun things…like wedding cake…or maybe a honeymoon…

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