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2007-12-17 15:14:00

Is Your Home Insurance Policy Up to Date?

America's Watchdog and its Homeowners Consumer Center are the premier consumer advocates for homeowners in the United States. The Homeowners Consumer Center is one of the best known homeowners advice, or homeowners information resources in the United States. After a six-month study, America's Watchdog has just released results showing that most Americans are under insured with respect to replacement costs for personal contents in their homes. Even worse, they do not know what their homeowners insurance covers if there was to be a loss. The homeowners insurance survey was conducted with more than 1,000 US homeowners participating. This group covered every region of the US. The Homeowners Consumer Center discovered the following when it came to homeowners, and their homeowners insurance policy:

Question: When is the last time you checked your homeowners insurance policy for needed updates?

Within the last year ------ 5
Within the last three years ---------72
Not since the home was purchased------- 1042

Question: Do you live in a flood plain?

Yes --------275
No---------- 473
Don't know------ 371

Question: If you do live in a flood plain do you have flood coverage?

Yes -----225
No------- 31
Not applicable/Don't know or I am not sure -----------863

Question: When was the last time you updated your homeowners insurance policy for contents coverage such as jewelry, computers, home electronics, antiques, etc?

Within the last year------ 5
Within the last three years --------56
Not since the home was purchased ---------1058

Question: In the event that you lost the use of your home, do you have "loss of use insurance coverage" that would pay for rent while your home was being repaired?

Yes ---------117
No -----------11
Don't know or I am not sure------------ 991

(America's Watchdog created the Homeowners Consumer Center  as a result of Hurricane Katrina. The Homeowners Consumers Center was built around the idea of giving all homeowners useful information related to buying a house, how to get homeowners insurance, how to get a mortgage on a home, etc. As a survivor of Hurricane Katrina, America's Watchdog indicated they were "astonished by the results of homeowners lack of knowledge related to what is insured in their home". Americas Watchdog is encouraging all US homeowners to contact their insurance agent, to check their homeowners insurance policy. According to America's Watchdog, homeowners might be stunned to find out how little coverage they have. Homeowners should also check their homeowners insurance policies because of climate change, resulting in increasing chances of hurricanes, severe weather, wild fires, etc.)

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