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2007-01-30 09:13:00

Is That e-mail Marketing or Spam?

By John Maniec, Marketing Results Group 

E-mail is the most under-utilized, misunderstood, yet most efficient method of marketing a real estate business. 

E-mail marketing works very well.  It costs pennies on the dollar when compared with direct-mail efforts. Its main advantages include rapid testing of different advertising mediums with immediate measurable results.  It is easily repeatable with small quantity runs being very practical.  Utilizing targeted, opt-in and personalized methods, extremely high response rates are almost assured.  With customer interactive links, e-mail marketing can provide any business with strong call-to-action capabilities.

The real truth about e-mail marketing is that prospects and customers will respond, your competitors are already using it and it can be used legally and ethically without being viewed as spam. 

Why don’t more businesses use e-mail marketing?  Ignorance about legal requirements, lack of knowledge on how to correctly do it, and no infrastructure to effectively execute a successful e-mail marketing campaign.

According to Jupiter Research (August 2005), the most highly targeted e-mail campaigns can produce up to nine times revenue and 18 times net profit over regular direct mailings. 

Marketing Results Group has a web-based, patent-pending, Fortune 50 tested marketing relationship system designed to accomplish two things: “Turn Prospects into Customers and Customers into Repeat Customers.”

MRG’s Marketing Relationship System (MRS) helps subscribers with new customer acquisition, marketing data collection, brand loyalty and advertising accountability. 

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