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2007-07-31 14:44:00

Investment Instruments Upgrades Online Dashboard

Investment Instruments, a company devoted to increasing transparency in the real estate rental market, has announced the availability of a new dashboard for its iiProperty online residential real estate management service. The new dashboard makes it easier for property managers and investors to see their portfolio information quickly and efficiently. This provides them the tools they need to make more informed business decisions.

Using the new interactive dashboard real estate professionals will be able to view a quick snapshot of their investments and instantaneously become aware of any critical tasks that need attention. The new graphic interface will provide the status of the user’s investment in a narrative way with real-time data and enable them to easily update property information such as financial standing, addresses, and unit listings. Additionally, the system can automatically print and mail tenant notices on the owner’s behalf and efficiently post advertisements for vacancies on top-ranked classified web sites.

“Everyone involved in the real estate market has different needs for viewing the information that is important to them,” said Allison Atsiknoudas CEO and co-founder of Investment Instruments. “With iiProperty our goal is to make it easy for a real estate investor to see information in a format that makes sense for them, while a property manager may see the same information presented in one way, a tenant would see only what they need. It’s not just about getting the right information, it’s about displaying it in a way to make it easy to understand at a glance."

iiProperty provides the market's only set of online property management tools, specifically for real estate investors and managers with portfolios of fewer than 50 units. These dynamic, online tools use real-time data and easy-to-use dashboards to help real estate investors track their investments and gain a better understanding of the current state of their finances.

About Investment Instruments Corporation

Investment Instruments Corporation (IIC) offers the unique property management tools iiProperty and the Rentometer that increase transparency in the residential real estate market to strengthen relationships between real estate managers, their tenants and the professionals who support them. IIC was founded by an executive team with a strong history in real estate and technology.

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