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2011-05-05 15:34:49

Introducing HUD Homes course on RealTown’s e-Learning Platform!

The Government Home Sale Professional™ (GHSP™) certification program created by Frances Flynn Thorsen and Denise Lonesis designed to help educate real estate agents and brokers wishing to work in the HUD Homes government owned property arena.  As part of this release, Thorsen and Lones are offering a shorter mini-GHSP™ program which includes details about HUD’s M&MIII Contractor program, the agency’s newly redesigned FHA REO disposition plan.  The mini-GHSP™ Course is available to real estate agents without charge at

The RealTown e-Learning platform itself offers up many features including the ability for authors to add media such as images, links, documents, and videos.  Another tool that enhances the student experience is the use of bookmarks, notes, and wiki entries—which allow the students to interact with each other for a true online classroom experience.  Authors can enjoy full control over the content and a built in student roster where they can track the progress of their students.

As some of you might know, RealTown’s InternetCrusade previously developed and hosted the e-PRO® Course which saw nearly 40,000 graduates of the online program.

We are all very proud of the outcome, so take a minute to sign up for free and check out the new course.  We hope to release several new courses here on in the coming months.

Thanks for all your support!

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