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2007-03-08 22:06:00

International Women's Day Focus on Blog of the Day Picks

Inspiring Woman Blog 
Web Women Giving Circle Blog

Web Women Giving Circle

 Nominate a woman who inspires you on the Inspiring Woman BlogWeb Women Giving Circle Blog

Today is International Women's Day. We are featuring a pair of blogs published by the Web Women Giving Circle, a philanthropic group of real estate professionals joined by life coaches and artists who are raising money for CARE. The Inspiring Woman blog was the creation of Louisiana real estate broker Amber Riviere. It features profiles of women who inspire others and invites readers to nominate a woman for a $10 fee that is donated to CARE.

The Web Women Giving Circle Blog focuses on the beneficiaries of CARE's humanitarian outreach and the efforts of Giving Circle members to raise money as part of a Giving Circle Challenge sponsored by "More Magazine." Web Women Giving Circle won the "More Magazine" challenge and members of theGiving Circle will travel to Peru in May with officials from CARE and editors of "More Magazine."

This blog made a linguistic shift at year end and words like fortune and abundance were used to replace words like desperation and poverty, and stories about AIDS were filled with words of love, hope, and encouragement. One of the highlights of the 2006 campaign was Web Women Giving Circle Founder Joeann Fossland's Coachadelic Blog Tour to raise money for CARE.

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