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2007-01-31 11:45:00

Inman News Creates Real Estate Wiki

At InternetCrusade, we often quote Kevin Kelly, who was the founding executive editor of "Wired Magazine" and a noted author. In his book, New Rules for the New Economy: 10 Radical Strategies for a Connected World, he made the following profound statement:

"No one is as smart as everyone."

This has been our mantra for years and today the idea is being recognized by many. This is the concept behind and it is an Internet phenomenon.

What is It is an encyclopedia, the world's most comprehensive encyclopedia, created by the masses, the citizens of the Internet, and kept accurate by the citizens of the Internet.

Now, many web sites are incorporating the same general technology used by WikiPedia to create "Wikis" of their own (wiki is the Hawaiian word for quick or fast).

Inman News has created a real estate wiki and all it needs is content, and the content of wikis is up to the citizens of the Internet ... so get to it, go to the Inman Wiki and learn, contribute, and display your knowledge so that others might benefit.

And if you have not been to WikiPedia, check it out, too.

(Saul Klein in CEO of Real Estate Electronic Publishing Company, home of RealTown.)

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