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2012-01-20 22:13:38

I Want To Hire Interns For My Business, But Where Do I Find These Interns?

I started hiring and working with interns midway through 2011 after listening to an interview with Justin and Dreama Lee, creators of InternProfits. They exposed to me, the idea of hiring interns for your business. Before this, I always wanted to hire people to work for my wholesaling business, but I never had the money to do it. Hiring unpaid interns never even crossed my mind.

How I went about the hiring process was first to email the internship coordinators at different colleges. I emailed the coordinators for relevant majors (marketing, sales, advertising, economics, communications, real estate, etc.) I also sent them the job descriptions that I was looking for and asked them to send it out to their students.

Most of the colleges that I work with also have a job posting site at (formerly where employers can post their internships to for free. This is usually the primary site that their students go to when looking for an internship. You can make an account with different colleges that are on and post your internships to them.

In addition to that, I have recently been posting those job descriptions on different internship sites ( is by far the best free site.) You can post as many job descriptions there as you want for free. I've been getting anywhere from 5-15 new applicants per week from This is an easy and quick way to post your internship to the public. However, if you go through the universities, you can get much better quality interns and you can also build long lasting relationships with the colleges.

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