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2011-06-01 18:41:02

I Have a Mortgage Marketing Challenge for YOU

Have you ever considered just how much control you have over your life and your accomplishments? Vague sounding question, but humor me for just a moment here. Something as simple as your perspective and/or how much importance you assign to a task can mean the difference between unbridled success, or mediocrity.

Allow me to illustrate. Last week I was watching a young relative of mine sitting in the game room playing a video game. He was playing a strategy game, that looked quite involved and difficult. It was quite interesting actually, as this game involved positioning characters strategically on the screen, and then watching the consequences of your actions.

2 hours later I came back down to the room, and he was still playing the same section. I asked "Wow, you're on the same board? What happened?" His reply: "I lost, and had to start over. I lost again, and I started over again, but I think I'm going to beat it this time." "What makes you think you'll win this time?" He didn't even have to think about his response: "Because I will. I used the 2 other guys on the screen the first 2 times, the only other thing I can try is to use the 3rd one."

Sounds like simple logic to me. But what does playing a video game have to do with sales? Think about the strategy this young game player used. He took his best shot, and when that didn't work, he modified his strategy slightly a second, and then third time.

Ultimately, he did beat the board and moved on to the next level. How many times do we as loan officers and real estate agents "try out" a new marketing campaign or approach only to be disappointed? I cannot count the number of times I've been told: "Marketing to FSBO's doesn't work, I tried it already" or "The FSBO's around here don't want our help, I've been turned down so many times it's just a waste of my time."

I've heard the same said about direct mail, cold calling, apartment marketing, First Time Home Buyer seminars, radio ads, email campaigns, websites and blogging...

If the people making these claims are to be believed, then I guess we might as well pack up our bags and find a new career, as apparently nothing works! What many of these individuals seem to forget, is that marketing is a strategy.

Which is where our little gaming friend comes into play. How many times have you played a game (video game, cards, board game or otherwise) and mastered it the first time around? What fun would a video game be if you beat the entire game all the way through your first try, and always defeated your opponents with ease? Imagine playing poker and never finding it a challenge? Sure, it would be exciting at first, but how long would it be before you were bored and wanted a new challenge?

Why is it we are so willing to assume we did everything right the first time around, and completely write off an entire marketing strategy because "it didn't work?" Wouldn't it make more sense to track the details of what we were planning, and then make minor tweaks and modifications to improve the results the next time around?

More often than not, 90% of the campaign is dead on from the get-go, it's just that remaining 10% that needs to be tweaked. If you took apart 10% of your cars engine and tried to start it, what would happen? It owuldn't work would it? You'd be hiking to your destination.

So does this mean that internal combustion engines don't work? Of course not. It simply means you need a good mechanic to reassemble the remaining 10% before you can get to where you are going.

Amazing that so many are willing to try and try again with their hobbies, or when something is fun, but completely lose perspective when it comes to their careers. Take yours seriously! 

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