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2010-03-16 21:38:32

How You Can Automate Lead Conversion with Compelling Sales Letters


Sales letters have been my most valuable marketing tool in ALL of my businesses. The reason why is because they are automatic sales machines that work 24/7. They are extremely valuable assets that can be leveraged simply by generating more leads.
Sales letters are powerful lead conversion tools and should be used by every real estate agent to automate their lead conversion. Sales letters are something I watched other businesses, outside of real estate, use and decided to copy this strategy inside my business to see if I could automate lead conversion.
I wrote a sales letter for my business and the goal was simply to convince my prospects that I was the best agent for them. I wanted to eliminate my competition and pre-sell prospects on my real estate services. This sales letter ultimately generated hundreds of home sales for my business.  Needless to say, I’m a BIG fan of sales letters and use them extensively today.
The good news is you don’t have to be a great marketer to write a compelling sales letter for your business. Winning sales letters follow a proven template and you can easily write a compelling sales letter for your business, if you follow this proven template.
Here’s the 10-step proven template you should follow when writing sales letters for your business:
1. Grab the readers attention with a compelling headline.
2. Highlight the big problem the person faces.
3. Agitate the problem further.
4. Provide a solution to the problem. (This solution would be your services!)
5. Present your expertise and why you’re qualified to provide the solution.
6. Show the prospect what they’ll receive when using your services.
7. Provide testimonials to back up what you’ve promised.
8. Include a clear call to action to get the prospect to respond.
9. Add scarcity to create urgency.
10. Reverse the prospect’s risk by adding a guarantee.
This 10-step sales letter template is proven throughout history in almost every industry. If you’d like to automate your business, consider adding a compelling sales letter to your marketing plan!
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