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2010-06-02 22:08:01

How To Win With Electronic Signatures

Implementing electronic signature into your business processes can help you take your business to the next level and reduce, if not eliminate, the piles of paper generated from faxing, printing and copying documents. 
Save Time with Electronic Signature
One of the reasons so many real estate agents love electronic signature is the time they can save. The usual process for document creation and signing process can take hours, if not days. This traditionally slow “print-ship-sign-copy-return-scan-fax” cycle takes significant time. However, with electronic signature services, such as DocuSign, real estate agents can create and upload the documents and get it signed within minutes.
DocuSign is the leader in electronic signature services that securely enable you to electronically send, sign and manage your documents with confidence.
Save Money with Electronic Signature
By implementing paperless processes to help you manage your business, you’ll no longer have to spend money on paper, ink, overnight shipping costs, or gas driving back and forth between your office and clients. All of which can really add up. 
Increase Customer Satisfaction with Electronic Signature
Imagine how excited your clients will be if they don’t have to wait for the fax machine to print out each documents, page by page. Imagine how happy they’ll be if they can get documents for signature that they can sign right from their smart phone or PDA while they’re checking their email or standing in line at the grocery store.
Electronic signature services from DocuSign saves you time, cuts operational costs, enables you to close deals faster and increases your customer satisfaction rates, no matter what business you’re in. DocuSign offers a 30-day free trial of its service so you can experience the power of e-Signature.
DocuSign is the DocuSign Inc., the #1 provider of on-demand software services for electronic signature and online contract execution, empowering individuals, small business and global enterprises to operate faster, more efficiently and profitably with enhanced security and compliance. DocuSign is the only Web-based service to fully automate the entire contract execution process. To date, more than 16 million signature events have been executed using DocuSign. Experience the service at,

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