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2010-09-21 17:01:52

How to Post the Perfect Roommate Listing

wantedAll of your friends already have apartments. All of your friends’ friends already have apartments. And now one of your roommates is leaving and you need to fill that space or else suffer the rent-raising consequences. Putting a listing on Craigslist and other free posting sites may seem like venturing into the great unknown, but fear not! There is a way to find a roommate that fits perfectly with your place  and priorities, and it comes downperfect roommate to that one fateful first step- the roommate listing.

Think before you post! Do some research. Scan through some of the postings already up on Craigslist and see which you would be most likely to respond to. That will give you an clearer sense of what tone you should use to gain the attention of a roommate with a similar personality to yours and your current roommates.

Now that you’ve got the general tone for the listing down, write up several drafts and have your other roommates or friends read them to  see how they come across. Are you looking for a roommate that can have fun? Then try to make the listing in a more casual tone. Looking for someone who won’t keep you up at night? Let them know right away that you aren’t looking for a party animal, but avoid harsh tones.

Keep an eye on length when writing the post. Don’t disclose too much information, and certainly don’t include the address for everyone to see. Give the neighborhood and price information, and some of the selling points of the apartment. Avoid listing amenities blandly and also, don’t name every feature about the place. Longwinded posts often get passed right over by readers who want something short and to the point. Also, include pictures if you can. Images offer more comfort to a renter - people like to be able to see where they could be potentially living.

Most importantly, have fun with it! Let your personality come through, and you should find a perfect patch in no time. Just take your time with it, try not to reek of too much desperation! Remember, you’re the one who gets to choose the roommate, and if you hold an interview with someone and you don’t feel like they’d be a good match, don’t be afraid to say no. Good luck, and happy posting!

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